All 5 Military Joint Chiefs depart from Commander and Chief to condemn racism and the attack in Charlottesville

All 5 Military Joint Chiefs depart from Commander and Chief to condemn racism and the attack in Charlottesville

For our young members, it is a top rule F the job that as a member of the military you cannot get political. Especially when it comes to actions of the commander and chief. It isn't done. But when their leader fails to fill the office it becomes incumbent upon them to clarify and command their troops as to what is acceptable. All 5 branches of the military have now condemned the actions over the weekend as PODUS continues to support neonazi cause.

I dknt think we can call pur commanding Admirals and Generals alt-left or grandstanders. Trump loves the military, or he did. So what now?

Loren DeJonge Schulman, with the bipartisan Center for a New American Security think tank in Washington, offered a more-nuanced assessment, saying the generals’ intent was first and foremost to remind the force of policy and ethics.

“They are messaging the men and women who serve under them about morally repugnant conduct” that violates military law, Schulman told The Post. “They are reminding them that the military does not shift according to the low conduct and rants of politicians.” And to the extent the service chiefs realize they’re also messaging the president, she said that “they are probably reminding Trump of that, as well.”

Indeed, reminding Trump they seem to be. They used Trump's favorite and only form of modality to transfer transmit the message, Twitter of course.

All 5 chiefs shred their message on Twitter which was most certainly intended for a president who announced firings and change to millitary practices on this feed without running it by at wee hours in the mornings without running it by... anyone.

This is honestly a pretty breathtaking moment. I'm really proud of my country today.

Im so glad at least our military can remember and learn from history.

Their is a difference between free speech and hate speech just as there's a difference between screaming fire in a crowded theatre.

Trump has a lot of supporters who are active duty. Take this as a very stern warning and reminder that you will be tried under military law and you answer to you Commander not the cheese puff.

Dont get caught up in these events or you will be wishing you were Edward Snowden. You will never see the light of day again.

All 5 Military Joint Chiefs depart from Commander and Chief to condemn racism and the attack in Charlottesville
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  • BellePepper
    The people who are somehow standing up for the nazis are just crazy to me. I don't get it. I do not get it.

    It's great that these guys are saying 'nazis are bad" but there are still *so* many people defending them. I don't get it.
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    • sjoes006

      I understand but we have to start getting it to cut it off before they organize like this again.

      It's mainly poor, uneducated younger or much much older white men. It's kids that graduated high school with no prospects. They feel entitled and are looking for anyone to blame.

      Don't look for the rationale just the mindset. These people feel disenfranchised and we have to try and address that through programs or else the problem is just going to get worse.

      I think the block of people is too large to ignore. I don't want to relive the 60's because that was some really dark shit. We have to get ahead of this.

      To quote HST, "if you cut off the head, the body will die."

      God I miss him so much.

    • sjoes006

      Sorry the quote is kill the body, the head will die. Cut me off at the knees.

    • The thing is though it's NOT just poor white kids with no prospects. It's doctors and lawyers and plumbers and bankers and chefs and everything else. This is just so unacceptable!

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Most Helpful Guy

  • Anonymous
    look out for WW 3... coming to your next armed forces recruitment office!
    Trumplethinskins apply here today!
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    • sjoes006

      Stickholds of weapons placed around the city. Very organized operation. Speaking in short sentences that mean nothing out of context. Sound like Trump. Dump Trump.

    • Anonymous

      being sarcastic to the Trump people who support him on here. taking shots at them

    • Anonymous

      ty for the MH

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  • 404filenotfound
    "Their is a difference between free speech and hate speech just as there's a difference between screaming fire in a crowded theatre."

    If that's the case, then why aren't the left held accountable for their actions? Their words are used to justify their violence, racism and hatred. CNN may try to pander to these psychopaths and call them "peaceful protesters" but I've SEEN them for what they are. They show up with mace, bricks and weapons. They scream over people that they don't agree with and they attack people with little to no provocation. I've seen them attack people while the police just stand there and watch. And I really want to know, why is this okay?

    Why are these terrorists given what they want?

    Why are they allowed to take over college campuses and demand that white people quit there jobs?

    Why are they not held accountable for their actions?

    Why, whenever one person in the White House has the sense to acknowledge that the violence and hatred are coming from more than one side and that everyone needs to stop are their words twisted to further the agenda that the left is using as an excuse for violence in the first place?

    And why is the preceding question even a question when Obama did the exact same thing that Trump did and was called a hero for it?

    Maybe the police and the government are afraid of these people because they're trying to start a war.

    Oh and for the record, "White nationalist" is NOT a synonym for white supremacist, that's actually a fringe group of white supremacists and, if it's not okay to call all Muslims terrorists, I really don't feel like it's okay to take the logic behind calling Muslims terrorists and use it to call white nationalists racists.
  • NerdInDenial
    It's Commander in Chief and by the Constitution, I will support the President until the orders given are unconstitutional.
    • sjoes006

      Haha you do what you want friend. The military just rebuked him 5 to 0. Their duty is to their country first. This isn't a dictatorship andthe US Supreme Court can take tell the military how to act. It isn't within their jurisdiction. Only a military court can indict them.

    • That's not how the military works. I don't know where to start in correcting your statements..., fuck it believe in whatever you want.

  • Gabewai99
    Its not right what they did but this world will never get along so we need to recognize it but not take sides. Every race is under persecution these days we need to stick together more than ever now!
    • sjoes006

      Welcome. I see you joined today. That's usually a sign of a troll but I like your message and it shadows exactly how I feel and how it has felt over the past few days.

      I bought a house in a gentrifying neighborhood last year so my so-pale-I-glow-at-night ass stands out. 3 people not only responded to my hello yesterday walking my dog but also asked about my day.

      I think it's because the victim was a white woman my age, 32.

      But I grabbed hands and hugged even a grade school boy was nice. It does finally feel like , to me, we are all in together.

      Yes, I am willing to go out and march realizing it may cost me my life. White people are again talking racetrader and we have this president, this really is turning into Neonazism where she f you are white and resist the cause you are getting shot too.

      Stronger together. Not just a slogan.

    • Gabewai99

      Right? Good insight and no I am not a troll haha

    • sjoes006

      It took a few days to hit me. NPR interviewed one of the college aged protesters who admitted asking himself, "Am i doing this right, is this what MLK would have wanted me to do?".

      For some reason that just really made me tear up. Because I felt the same thing in the women's march, "am I doing this right? Should I smile or be sad?". because at some points the pouring out of support from men on the sidelines did bring me to tears, but tears of hope. But crying is seen as weak and as a protester you need to be seen as strong in theory.

      I do t think here's any getting it right other than staying true to peaceful protest even when your being shot and fired at and run down by cars.

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  • metalsucks2
    "Their is a difference between free speech and hate speech just as there's a difference between screaming fire in a crowded theatre."

    There is no difference between Free Speech and hate speech. Everyone has the right to an opinion so long as that opinion does not directly call for the physical harm of others.

    It's only hate speech to people who allow said speech to offend them.

    Also where were you liberals when Obama refused to condemned radical Islam? Where were you liberals when Obama refused to label radical islamists as terrorists?

    Also when will you liberals condemn the racism and hate speech spewed by the left? Or do liberals get a free pass?
    • sjoes006

      I'll give you 50% agreeable here. Let me clarify, you quoted me on something you'd have to be a law student or familiar with constitutional law to get and I'm apologize because that wasn't my intent.

      "The idea of falsely shouting 'fire' in a crowded theater arose from the Supreme Court's 1919 decision in the case Schenck v. United States. The Court ruled unanimously that the First Amendment, though it protects freedom of expression, does not protect dangerous speech."

      When I say hate speech that is much too broad. The case referenced is from 1919 and has been broadly expanded and built upon in case law but it is a cornersone in First Amendment Rights still used as a measure today.

      The reason Richard Spencer and the KKK guy have had their speeches cancelled is because of the imminent threat of violence at these rallies.

      "Dangerous Speech" is the constitutional measure. If Richard Spencer want to get up on a podium he's going to have to take it to the courts.

    • Dangerous to who? All these guys are doing is saying "im white therefore Im better than you hurr durr". They're not harming anyone just spewing their own opinion.

      Why are left wingers never forced to cancel their speech?

    • jennyPuss

      there is no law that says i cannot hate. what i cannot do is murder or hurt people or directly cause injury by my words- such as yelling 'fire!' in a crowded theater- so as to cause patrons to falsely scramble and some become injured. saying that i feel someone is inferior or superior may not be nice- but it doesn't cause injury. sticks and stones they say. i don't defend racism but i defend the right to be racist. in other words the moment you start telling people that they aren't allowed to say bad things- then you start to tell them they can't think bad things. and the moment you tell people what they can't think- you tell them what they must think. and i refuse to let anybody tell me what to think!

  • aaaad
  • Anonymous
    Seems like a political move. No doubt a large powerful corporation will give them cushy jobs.
    • sjoes006

      What? They are the joint chiefs. Does that mean anything to you? Do you know what that is? They will retire and that's the end unless your Mad Dog or Kelly who failed to meet the period of moratorium beteeen military and public service.

      It's a 5 out of 5 warning from the highest office of the military to their soldiers and the president that homey don't play that.

      If your ass is caught at one of these rallies you are going to be Court marshalled and most likely serve time in military prison.

    • Anonymous

      And rightly so. Military personnel shouldn't be involved with left or right wing extremists.
      These generals will retire and get a high paying job on a board of directors or a job working for a large security contractor or as a military lobbyist.

    • Anonymous

      The military doesn't pay as well as the corporate world and these guys are essentially running a company that employs well over 1 million personal between them, they are more qualified to run a country than a politician.

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