Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans


Officially her team - with her in charge - has devised a plan to help fans beat scalpers by getting fans to register on her site so they could pre-purchase tickets to her shows.

Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans

The catch is - once you register you can't actually pre-purchase anything...

You're going to HAVE to buy her album, buy her songs individually, buy her merchandise or even buy multiple of the same albums so you can build up points. The more points you build up the closer you'll be to trying to get those pre-purchased tickets...

You also have to promote her work on all social media - sort of like her own, personal, but not payed - marketing team! How sweet!

Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans

How nice of her!

Once again ripping off her little underage fan-base.

So unpredictable!

Well...at least she represented herself right this time - with a snake promoting her new album!

Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans


Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans
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  • Ozanne
    This is smart marketing. As a consumer of music you can call it what you want, but in this age where the artists are getting ripped off left, right, and centre because of easy pirating, she and/or her team have created a plan to buy in to her brand legitimately. Watch for other artists to follow suit, because there's nothing wrong with that.

    First of all, these underage fans are getting their money from somewhere (mom and dad). So really, to peg this on the underage fans is really pegging the responsibility on to the parent. They get to say yay or nay in the end.

    Second, she's got a reward system in place for the items these fans would normally be buying anyway. And as for promoting her, fans who love her already do. This is an easy thing for fans to follow and a nice reward to be able to prepurchase tickets before the general public.

    I see nothing wrong with this, in fact, I think it's brilliant. I think the fans end up getting what they want just as much as she does.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Viperkiss
    Taylor Swift is a product of corporate industry. She has little to no value as a musician. People who take this sort of music seriously tend to have no idea what actual musical artistry is. Not surprisingly they also line up with open wallets to be robed of their money.
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  • BrittBratt2416
    Meh not bothered, her music okay but not worthy enough to go through all that let alone see her. I don't need to go to a concert to hear the same songs played on the radio 24/7. I'm not surprised by the snake, a lot of these celebrities low key worship Lucifer.. a snake has always been his signature.
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  • ElissaDido
    Taylor swift is the most annoying and cringy celebrity.
    I would even take the Kardashians over her anytime of the day.
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  • castratedwhiteguy
    Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd and Bruce Springsteen never needed to pull this shit. Quality music sells itself. Big time Millennial music really sucks!
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  • DevikaButts95
    Oh no, she wants people who like her music to buy her music? The horrors.
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  • DonkeyRick69
    I always laugh when they talk about scalpers I mean who is it that sells 500 blocks of tickets to scalpers in the first place, scalping is part of the business. This is nothing new, anyway they can figure get more money out of you.
  • Himig_Ng_Pag-ibig
    Perfect she's a snake. She needs a bone which I can supply
  • Stacy77
    I don't think this is a big deal because 99% of fans who goes to her shows already buys her album and merchandise.
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  • oddwaffle
    It's a business. She is not doing it for charity. Of course she is going to milk it for all it's worth!
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  • MeatPuppet
    Welcome to the wonderful world of capitalism. Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans
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  • QooLipBite
    Artists these days aren't Musicians. They're business men/women.
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    • JustJules

      Everything seems to have changed in most industries.

  • MarkRet
    Taylor Swift is incredibly cute, but I wouldn't go to any of her concerts anyway.
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  • Harry_Richard
    Fuck Taylor Swift.Taylor Swift Again Trying To Rip Off Fans
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  • momo770
    It's very savvy of her team to put her music et al. like that. With that said, preying on tweens isn't kewl.
  • GirlNextBored
    I haven't liked her from day one. The pic of her as a snake is so damn appropriate.
  • Rissyanne
    You really don't like anyone do you.
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    • Chief16

      Well, at least she hates everyone equally.

  • Dunkirk
    No loss there, her music stopped being good a long time ago.
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  • mae_kookie
    i don't get why she's so popular
    when her songs are mediocore
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  • Internetusername
    I find her personality and how she thinks she’s always a victim is starting to get old. I’m becoming less of a fan as she gets older. I feel like fame and stuff is getting to her now
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  • Titanic1912
    I wish I could go to one of her concerts. I have all of her songs and albums except the new one. I'll need to hear a few before I purchase it.
  • NerdInDenial
    Someone's got to pay for that $20 million leg insurance.
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