November 18 - Princess Day


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Rolling out the red carpet on November 18, Princess Day recognizes every girl deserves some PAGEANTRY in their lives no matter their age. After all, each one is a Princess in someone's eyes.

November 18 - Princess Day

Perhaps your princess is of the high-stepping variety full of energy, dancing and twirling their way to every adventure.

November 18 - Princess Day

The occasion may call for an orchestra or a concert of sorts. Other princesses must expel their energies through the pursuit of vigorous debate and rousing laughter.

Some may be more introverted, reserving their thoughts for their ideal company.

November 18 - Princess Day

Historically, though, princesses are independent minded, joyful and generous of spirit.

Their loyalty knows no bounds.

November 18 - Princess Day

When a princess senses a celebration about, she is sure to join with join with full enthusiasm. And one in her honor, well, you can be sure Princess Day will be well received. So, roll out the red carpet and bring a smile to the princess in your life.

November 18 - Princess Day

Show the princess you know the royal treatment on Princess Day.


Princess Day was created by The Swan Princess was released as an animated theatrical film in the United States on November 18, 1994.

November 18 - Princess Day

From my point of view "princess" stands for two very different metaphors.

In the first metaphor , the princess is lovely, poised, talented, plucky young woman who is swept off her feet by a dashing, good, rich, charming, powerful young man.

Moreover, this young man is a Knight who according to the code of chivalry serves his lady love.

November 18 - Princess Day

Perhaps every (heterosexual) girl wants to be treated like a princess in that sense, and why not? She is supposed to be the ideal woman, at least in fairy tales, corresponding to the ideal man. She wants to be treated like a princess because she wants to be that sort of "princess," and have that sort of "prince." It's aspirational.

It's understandable and even delightful to want to be treated like a princess because they want to live a virtuous life and they hope for a man who will share in "the fairy tale" of that sort of life.

November 18 - Princess Day
In the second more cynical metaphor the princess fancies she is like the princess of the first metaphor, and deserving of royal treatment but in fact she is selfish, mean, and undeserving.

November 18 - Princess Day

November 18 - Princess Day

She has impossibly high standards which she doesn't herself meet. She wants to be treated like a genuine princess and expects her handsome prince to live up to her fantasy, but she is merely vain and selfish and really has no aspirations to behaving like a princess in any substantive way.

So of course there is a problem. In the 21st century most young women are VERY FAR from being princesses, and most young men are very far from being princes.

November 18 - Princess Day

Still, on the one hand, there are plenty of wonderful young women who are generally good people, and they naturally want to be treated with respect by a man who " DESERVE HER" but of course if she has any sense she knows that life isn't a fairy tale.

November 18 - Princess Day

Everybody's flawed , and she really should deserve the man she wants, just as much as he deserves her. A girl who says she wants the fairy tale and her handsome prince is, one hopes, like this. One shouldn't fault this; it's indeed charming.

On the other hand, there are all too many vain, lazy, dishonest, or otherwise not particularly good young women but they have been subtly induced by society's prevailing influences to regard themselves as better than men very few of whom are princes in any sense, as I said.

The behavior of some young women, far from all of course, would indicate that they think they can and should hold out for a guy who measures up to a "prince" standard regardless of how unregal her own behavior is.

November 18 - Princess Day

At bottom, the difference is HUMILITY a virtue so sadly lacking in most people today.

But when a woman is CRITICIZED for wanting to be treated like a princess, we mean she is actually the EXACT OPPOSITE of those things. She lacks humility and the winning graces.

She is haughty, intolerant, mean, and cynical. she expects others to serve her, agree with her, and carry out her wishes; she can't be bothered with dirty work, etc.

November 18 - Princess Day

So I'd say to the girls that if anyone ever says you're acting like a princess you should be sure to get them to clarify which kind they mean.

It might be a compliment, and then again, it might not."

I'd also like to say to the girls if you say you want to be treated like a princess, I'd just ask whether you have all the graces that, in the fairy tales, made the princess actually worthy of royal treatment. If not, you might, set your standards lower.

November 18 - Princess Day

Thanks For Reading My Take. Thanks @GirlsAskGuys for providing me opportunity to write my takes. Thanks for Suggestions to write on Days and Events.

Share Your Valuable Opinion. I might not be able to respond due to my research work and my busy schedules.

Hope you like My Take. Stay Tuned !!!

Jai Hind. ๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ™



November 18 - Princess Day
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  • Curmudgeon
    Well, every little girl likes to feel like a princess, at least by her own dad.

    Arguably, a major corporation, Disney, got to be where it is, simply by having stories about Princesses.
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  • topi_tonge
    Happy princess day 👸
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    • Great Work Bro.

      Another Good Indian wishing "Happy Princess Day. ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ‡ฎ๐Ÿ‡ณ


  • RachelleDraws
    I didn't know that this day even existed!
    Princess Yuri time!November 18 - Princess DayNovember 18 - Princess Day
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  • Cursewords
    I need to make a list of all these days glorifying women so the next time some mad feminist tells me women don't get enough attention I'm gonna make her eat my list.
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    • Poppykate

      Mothers Days
      Breast cancer awareness day
      Teachers day
      Secretaryโ€™s day (yes I know men work in these jobs, but they are still held but 75%+ women)
      Valentineโ€™s Day (no guy really loves this holiday!)
      donโ€™t forget this lame ๐Ÿ˜’ princess day!

  • ThisAndThat
    On what day of the year is considered prince day?
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