Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?


If Hunger Games' hard-working actress J-Law needs a day off, her replacement is ready. 17 years-old model Alexia Maier is called Jennifer Lawrence's doppelganger these days. When I saw her pictures, honestly I thought that I was looking at Jennifer Lawrence pictures. Despite to the age gap between them, they can be considered as twins.

Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?

β€œAt first I thought it was a joke when people started saying I looked like Jennifer Lawrence, but when I started getting dozens of comments about my J-Law similarities, I started to realize it myself.” Alexia said.

Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?

Maier said that she got stopped when she was walking in the street by J-Law fans for a selfie once. When she got stopped again and again, she started to tell that people she was not actually Jennifer Lawrence, but nobody believed her. Real Jennifer Lawrence is known that she doesn't like to have selfies with her fans in public. In opposite, Alexia doesn't like to say "no".

Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?

Since she was from a small town, she is pretty sure that people know they are not going to see a real celebrity in their town. So, she said that there was never any confusion in her hometown - just in big cities. Especially when visiting New York City, people ask her for autographs.

Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?

"I know this is not the answer people are expecting from me, but I am not a fan. Even so, I can acknowledge that Jennifer has definitely impacted my life in strange ways." she said.

Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?

Strangely, she doesn't feel like a fan of Jennifer, but she believes that Jennifer affected her life in a different way. Also I think that she is thankful to J-Law, because she was just a 17 years-old model. Now, she is big candidate for important job offers.

Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?

In your opinion, does she look exactly like Jennifer?

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Does this teen look exactly like Jennifer Lawrence?
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  • LittleSally
    I see she's trying to look like her which is mind blowing to me because she's a lot prettier than Jennifer...
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  • Anonymous
    Similar, but definitely not exactly.
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  • fauchelevent
    I don't think I'd have mistaken the two for each other, nor would I have realised it myself until it'd been pointed out but I suppose she does share some similarity with her.
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  • Missterio
    with the right angles, hair and makeup yes she can be easily mistaken to be her.

    But she has differences. Like in the shape of her face. sligthly more round i believe.
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  • wankiam
    there are a lot of similarities but there are only so many face combinations in the world so its not so odd that an individual may look very like another. how many times do you say hi to someone then realise its some one else and not who you thought it was
  • lovelyhoneybones
    If you never even made the correlation I wouldn't have even realized they look slightly similar at certain angles.
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  • Elliegirl
    Not exactly, but they have some very similar features.
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  • afe322222
    Well, dang. If I were her, I would start making a living out of being her doppleganger. So, I'd like start practicing how to sound and walk like Jennifer Lawrence and get people to pay me to look like her. If I could, I'd also work as her stunt double and do training sessions to work for her. Think about it, if not the second option, then the first.
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  • vishna
    Yea, she does resemble her-in some pictures more than others. J. La is probs the current more relevant actress so it's a big pro for this model.
  • Pinay_ako
    Not exactly. But if you didn't put them together I won't even notice she looks like her. She looks good though
  • madhatters4
    exactly like? no. in the second picture i see a resemblance but wouldn't confuse her for J-Law

    in the other pics i see little to no resemblance
  • brocklee
    There are similarities. I would never think "twins". Their noses are so different in just about every way possible.
  • Caaarl
    Exactly no. But she does look similar enough for people to always say hey you look like Jennifer Lawrence.
  • Phoenix98
    Not exactly but they look similar like they could be related.
  • CrazyCatPerson
    She has "the look" and some of her features match Jennifer's but overall she looks like a different person.
  • Anon-ymous1
    Yep, sure does. How cool! Two hotties like that out there now.
  • PrincessPie
    Not exactly, but she's a lookalike for sure.
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  • hasrett
    Not too much, but I see some resemblance.
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  • azzntittiz
    Yeah she does.
  • bubble_tea
    She looks very similar, but not identical.
  • txdiie_
    she looks like jennifer
  • helva
    Not exactly but she's a good lookalike.
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