National Human Trafficking Awareness Day


January 11th is the day every year where awareness for human trafficking and sexual slavery is recognised. Millions of people worldwide are enslaved and as each year passes it gets worse. This day was made to increase the awareness so that an end to this allows individuals to obtain their rights and of course to make this world a safe environment.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

The United States Senate started this day in 2007. However, back then January 11th was just an initiative for the U.S.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

How to take part in this awareness day

- Giving an insight to the younger generation, this includes the stranger danger and knowing important phone number and addresses

- Donations can be done

- Use social media as a way to convey this day by simply #HumanTraffickingAwarenessDay

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

However, just remember it shouldn't just be one day for the world to have awareness for something like this.

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day

National Human Trafficking Awareness Day
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  • xHoneyxBeex
    Thanks for this myTake! This is such an important issue to bring awareness to. I read a book about this topic ('The Road of Lost Innocence') and it's truly heartbreaking that this happens all over the world.

    I think bringing awareness to an issue plays a vital role in making change but it's also important to get out in your community and try do more, even if that means just donating what you can to good organizations, foundations, and charities who work hard to make a difference. If anyone is curious, this is a great source to find organizations making the most impact on ending human trafficking. :)
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    • Thank you for the addition information you just commented also ahah :)

Most Helpful Guy

  • Juxtapose
    Awareness days are such a waste of time. If people really care they wouldn't need a day to remind them to do something.
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    • OldS0ul

      I need a reminder to file for taxes and to turn in my online papers on time and those things are very important to me.

    • Juxtapose

      @OldS0ul They may be important but they are not interesting hence why your human mind and other human minds forget shit like that.

      If you are actually passionate about issue you won't forget it.

    • Juxtapose

      *the issue

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  • Onlythisone

    People don't want to believe this is what the world is.
  • coralee
    Really good read. I especially enjoyed that you included resources. Lots of people want to help but aren't sure how. The more we can spread those resources around the better!
  • OldS0ul
    I went to Vegas a year ago and I saw a young girl who looked younger than me with two different far older men on two separate days. I know it is legal in Nevada, but that doesn't make the industry any less dark.
    • MrOracle

      Prostitution is legal in several RURAL COUNTIES in Nevada, in specifically licensed brothels, but it is NOT legal in Vegas or even Clark County (the county Vegas is in), nor is it legal in Reno or Tahoe, the other big tourist centers. That doesn't mean it doesn't go on, of course, but it's NOT legal.

      And while many girls go there (and places like it) because it's good for business, there are also lots of girls who are pimped out and taken their by their pimps for the same reason. At least the girls in the legal brothels are all their of their own choice and aren't being controlled by some pimp.

    • OldS0ul

      @MrOracle Thanks for clearing that up. You say women are in the brothels by their own choice, but I feel like they can still be controlled by a pimp. A lot of women strip by their own choice but in the end are still being pimped out.

  • LegateLanius
    It's horrible that people are that monstrous, then again, the youngest recorded successful pregnancy was 5 years old so it doesn't surprise me. I wish that we could get rid of people like that in the world.
  • FýrdracaDócincel
    "Giving an insight to the younger generation, this includes the stranger danger and knowing important phone number and addresses."

    You act as if they don't already know this. They do.. they just choose not to use it, and it gets them into some shit.

    Of course, this doesn't factor into every human trafficking situation. But if by human trafficking we mean the unofficial sexual slave "business" going on in the underground, it really does boil down to survival of the fittest and having some common sense.
  • N23SA
    Thanks for bringing awareness to this, i'm reading an article on it right and this quote just struck me:

    "Broken" is the same word Detective-Sergeant Nunzio Tramontozzi of the Toronto police force's human-trafficking enforcement team uses to describe one girl he came across recently. She'd been locked in a basement apartment and forced to service men there and at hotels and in cars.
    And how old was she? "Thirteen."
  • kilowatt04
    Why do we only get one day to be aware of this? People are suffering every day with human trafficking and slavery, and need help every day.
    • meowcow

      Because most people simply do not give a shit.

      People are tired of all the National "put your irrelevant cause here" Day.
      There are more than 365 of these random awareness days. Just search on a particular day, and 2-3 of these things pop up. People don't give a shit, and 99.9% of the people who see it on this site will not lift a finger to do anything about it.

      What have you done?

  • jacquesvol
    Soccer players can be expensive:
  • hannahbanana11
    Human trafficking is a terrible and scary thing that doesn't just happen in these third world countries, I'm sure it goes on in the USA too. It's just wrong. WE ARE HUMAN. What makes any thing like that OK? It's not.
  • keenmind2007
    Unfortunately, we can't stop the persons who commit these horrid inhumane acts. Being aware does help though.
  • Chanel1981
    I don't think people realize how prevalent this is all over the world. I think anything to raise awareness is very positive
  • bubble_tea
    It's sad to see that this take didn't generate as much interest in here as the n-th take about "who is or isn't a nice guy".
  • DamnMan
    I'm sure the victims of human trafficking are touched by your... awareness.
    I hope the cops can help.
  • LilPump2178
    I love this article, you did a great job writing it. Now I’m more informed and bout human trafficking. Thank you!🙏🏻😁
  • MrOracle
    I used to have to travel more for work than I do now (thankfully), and that meant staying in a lot of Motel 6s and other low-budget hotels. Many were full of contractor trucks at night and were mostly safe, but in some places, it was not only obvious that they were drug-infested, but hookers and pimps walked openly around looking for customers.

    I made a number of reports, though I was usually gone before anything would have happened, so I don't know what the outcome was. I personally have no issue with prostitution itself (assuming ADULT women doing it by choice), but pimping makes my blood boil

    I'm good friends with several cops and sheriff's deputies, and I've heard no end of stories from them - tragic, awful stories - and pimps and human traffickers are among the lowest of the low.

    You wouldn't know it by listening to modern Hip-Hop music, though...
  • AshleyLoki
    humans being told that they are useless and taught to be quite when they have a right to talk is stupid the world shouldn't be like this. we're humans we aren't supposed to be animals.
  • zagor
    Hmm that explains the Human Trafficking posters that were up at In 'N' Out Burgers tonight.

    Or Anti-, I should say.
  • Waffles731
    We could also shut down every bank in the caymens and Switzerland it would help
  • Jesminakter
    we all should raise awareness
  • GuyAdviceFromGuy
    backpage. com that shit, fuck human trafficking
  • lazermazer
    Nice take
  • omgjassy
    Sad. That this still happens in the world.
  • xZoeyx
    Thanks for this myTake:)
  • red_knight
    We're human not livestock
  • elhof
    It's really horrible
  • Tohhru
  • DanFlingwing
    nice take
  • Anonymous
    Can someone explain to me what exactly human trafficking is?
  • Anonymous
    Yeah, but what about girls who sale themselves without pimps? I've personally met a few.
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for a good, graphic, and important take.
  • Anonymous
    Thanks for bringing up this topic!
  • Anonymous
    I am for the right price...
  • Anonymous
    ''I'm not for sale'', wouldn't buy you if you was.
  • Anonymous
    Its sad that this happened, great take.
  • Anonymous
    hope people treat this with some respect. I've met a lot of people on here that don't give a crap about slavery as long as it gives them their cheap junk in the stores. It's sickening.
    • We can only hope aye

    • Naydyonov

      Slavery is forced unpaid work.
      If they're being paid and they agreed to it it's not slavery.

      What happened in Libya with the slave trade of Africans is slavery, though I don't know of any products that they produce