An open letter to those who think eating Tide Pods is ok

An open letter to those who think eating Tide Pods is ok

Lately there’s been this meme about Tide Pods being edible. Tide pods are a laundry detergent not a snack. So if you don’t like what I’m getting ready to say feel free to delete me.

If you really believe eating tide pods are ok and are a harmless meme you’re full of shit. Tide pods are dangerous and deadly. As kids we were told not to eat mud,dirt , or bugs. But yet we’re having to tell idiots not to eat laundry detergent because of a meme saying it’s ok to. Doctors are saying it’s deadly even NFL players are saying not to do so. The memes say a tide pod is a forbidden fruit. Well, you know what I’m not religious but I remember in the Bible the story of Adam and Eve and they ate a forbidden fruit and that messed them up.

Long story short: if you eat a tide pod, Tide is not responsible for what happens next, nor will I feel sorry for the stupidity of those who do.



An open letter to those who think eating Tide Pods is ok
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  • Waffles731
    My dad got told not to eat bugs, then Air Force survival training cane along and worms and bugs were easy protein.
    My dad knew a pilot who gained weight at SERE school...
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    • Phoenix98

      See this is why literally every other branch makes fun of the Air Force.

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  • mooky06
    I’ve seen the memes. I don’t know why some people would be dumb enough to snack on tide pods.
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  • MarianneF
    People don't understand "The Internet" really.
    Remember the Pizza Ring? Remember the "OK" hand sign that was made to "be a secretive Alt-Right salute"? Remember all these fads that appear "from nowhere suddenly" and people just jump in the bandwagon endangering life and pushing fake news?
    We just really need to understand two things: 1) Only really stupid teenagers would actually "eat" a pod, yeah the same type that would kill themselves playing with a loaded gun or hanging from the highest building to take a picture only to prove a point or to promote a fake fad, sadly there is not a lot we can actually do since their parents are not doing anything themselves, and 2) Internet communities are the ones that allow these "little ones" to interact with each other and make this idiotic things "just to see what happens"
    Until another person that didn't did his homework properly and believed everything that "The Internet" told him, showed with a loaded gun at a pizza place.
    Thank G-d he was just checking, and didn't show at another place, full of innocent children.
    The letter is not for those teenagers, is for their guardians, for the people that surround them and for the people that are interested to understand that teenagers are just the same... just with more connections, more freedom and more privacy.
  • Hannajenky
    The internet is making people dumber than they already were lmfao

    Why would somone eat laundry detergent?
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    • I know, it just proves Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection does exist

    • Phoenix98

      Nah if Darwin's theory of natural selection existed then most of the Californian population would have died out by now.

  • sovetskii13
    Kids and teens do the stupidest things these days. Weird challenges, suicide dares, and I don't even wanna know what else.
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  • EllezBellez98
    Would't it be a great business idea to make tide pods that look exactly the same but are like completely edible and safe. I would make fucking billions like that 😂
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  • mochamocha
    I've seen the memes too. Seriously, people should not eat it... -_-
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  • Cosytoasty
    Lol, i'd be more inclined to let natural selection take it's course.
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  • JudgmentDay
    Some people just aren't going to learn things the easy way, and would rather learn things the hard way and find out the hard way.
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  • Maxemeister
    I don't want to say this is Darwinism at work... nevermind that's exactly what I want to say. DON'T EAT TIDE PODS YOU IDIOTS

    Was this a 4chan thing?
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    • Phoenix98

      If that was actually a thing though then wouldn't most of California be wiped out by now?

    • @Phoenix98 California wants to split in half, they have their own plans lol

    • Phoenix98

      Do they want to split in half now? I thought they just wanted to succeed?

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  • Josht13
  • Phoenix98
    Is there like an epidemic of people eating tide pods that I wasn't aware of or something?
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  • ChromAzonyx108
    I keep seeing stuff about tide pods. How did this even start?
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  • _Enigma_
    Ugh... ok, lets deal with this one step at a time.

    A meme is a meme. If you're stupid enough to eat a tide pod because of a meme, you have some mental issues you need to get resolved.

    Am I not aloud to tell jokes about anything harmful because some idiot might believe it and go hurt themself? It's a joke, a meme. Get the fuck over it.

    A meme is harmless. Are people going to burn down a house because of disaster girl? Or give their babies beer because of beer baby? They are harmless memes, as are the tide pod memes. If someone does decide to burn a house down or give their baby beer, then they are just as stupid as people who eat tide pods. They are still harmless memes though. Some idiots are stupid enough to actually eat them. Ok, let them be stupid and learn their lesson. If they're going to be that stupid, then what happens is their fault.
  • MarieBauder
    I don't even know how snacking on Tide Pods even started. What has this world come to?
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  • cupidkisses
    I can't believe that people really eat them.