I was at the Pomona Oroville shooting today

I was at the Pomona Oroville shooting today

Ok so I was spending the night at my uncle's house who lives on the cross of Pomona and sixth. Around 8 i overheard my cousin talking about how someone told him that we needed to leave.

I woke up to that. Now I was skeptical because my cousin is autistic so I didn't know if he actually heard that or not. My uncle checked it out and told me to get dressed.

I am not kidding I got dressed in under a minute. I got in their living room and grabbed my phone and a mint. When we were about to make a run for it we heard the shots.

The moment we heard them we all dropped to the ground and crawled behind my uncle's living room chairs. When the shots stopped we ran.

When we started running a cop was down the street and was yelling for use to run quickly. We were going to go to the park but neighbors that lived away from the shooting let us in their house.

We stayed at the neighbors for two hours until it was safe. This happened about 8 hours ago and my uncle's street is still blocked off. I later found out more info and it turns out the guy was only 2 doors away from where we were.

I didn't write this as a son story but just informing everyone that shootings are the scariest thing. Just the day before we were at the millinium funzone having fun. Then we are in a life or death situation.

The guy died because a cop shot him once. It turns out the cop was in the right because the guy had a pistol and shot first. I am not sorry this criminal died. It has later been confirmed that he had a mother as a hostage!

Again this is not a son story. But as just saying that this is the most scary experience of my life.

If you guys want to read about this look it up on fox fox and on kcr

I was at the Pomona Oroville shooting today
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