RIP Toys R Us: Gone But Not Forgotten

RIP Toys R Us
RIP Toys R Us

Today marks a dark chapter in the history of retail. The final Toys R Us and Babies R Us stores will be closing in the US. In the past Toys R us was the hottest place to buy iconic toys such as: Star Wars, Barbie, Atari, Nintendo, Power wheels, Polly Pocket, WWF action figures and board games galore. When i was a little boy my grandma mainly went there to buy Holiday Barbie dolls as Toys R Us until Walmart rose up was one of the only stores to carry exclusive Barbies for the Holiday Season. Sadly to say even for the 90's pre Walmart dominance era Toys R Us was seen as expensive compared to Kmart, Target and Walmart as well as other Discount chains. However, most millennials and GenX ers and Y ers still hold Toys R Us in high regard for childhood memories. So from all the old Toys R us Kids who enjoyed the memories, we say so long and Rest In Peace to Geoffrey the Giraffe and Toys R Us.

RIP Toys R Us: Gone But Not Forgotten

RIP Toys R Us: Gone But Not Forgotten

At least the Store in Raleigh,NC went out on a good note




RIP Toys R Us: Gone But Not Forgotten
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  • BrittBratt2416
    It's scary and sad, Toys are us and Yonkers is closing and both of those business are right next door to them. It's crazy, I have no idea what they are going to replace Yonkers with at my mall. It's a pretty big store and takes up half of the mall, I hope to God it's something good and not something stupid like the "container store".

    I'm still pissed off that they turned our old food court into a store for containers when people can buy containers from anywhere! But anyway, I can't say I'm too upset about Toys r us closing down, I've only been there like maybe once or twice and that was it. The toys in there when I was Christmas shopping for my nephew were outrageously over priced/expensive.

    It's no wonder they are shutting down, why go to that store when you can go to Walmart or Amazon and get the same toys for a cheaper price? I just feel bad for the people that work there cause they out of a job now unless they already found a new one.
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Sad. :(

    Can't they keep an online presence instead of completely going out of business or did their board all want out?
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Most Helpful Guys

  • SirRexington
    I was literally just looking at my now closed Toys R Us. I said my peace and mourned its loss. I have fond memories there and will always remember it. It sucks my future children will never be able to see the backwards R in person.

    It truly is like losing family.

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    • i wanted to write this in the style of an obituary column

  • Curmudgeon
    Toys R Us pioneered the "Big Box" or "Category Killer" specialty store, but it did not adapt. Oddly enough, the marketplace is still chock full of such stores, from Home Depot to Best Buy.
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  • Catholicgirl22
    Its no surprise. All the old toys stores are gone where i live. I remember growing up at Christmas every store had a huge toy section. Pop up toy stores used to appear. Those days are over.
  • Prankster13
    Ya Jeffrey the Giraffe called me every year until I was 16 and wished me happy birthday... I'll miss him. 😅😞
  • mike5150
    Tried going a few weeks ago. About 80% of the store was empty and the few things they did have were on any sale bigger than 10% off. They didn't adapt to the digital age and they over charged for the same products there competitors sold. It was only a matter of time.
  • Rubified94
    Toys R Us was my childhood 😭😭 ... All of the tantrums I threw as a child in that store, all for those barbies 😂 lmfao
    • I think Toys r Us saw more tantrums than purchases

    • Hahaha true 😂

    • I got those barbies in the end though 😂

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  • art84
    I manly used ToysRus for videogames as they had a huge selection of videogame systems and games at the time during the 90's. I remember getting a ticket and having to bring it to the register then the employee had to get the game from the storage room. As for toys they were quite expensive the last time I ever set foot which was a few years ago. I honestly don't really miss ToysRus at all.
  • DoctorWize
    It is going to be harder now to shop for my new nephew. But there is always doubles that not compare but what can we do? It's better than nothing. Knock offs they call it. lol
  • Trollfather
    Damn. I liked it back when I lived in the US. It's like heaven for kids. Any other big company to take it over or replace it?
  • Prof_Don
    Sad to see ToysRUs go... but this is capitalism at its finest. Adapt or die.
  • JudgmentDay
    As I've said before. NOTHING LASTS FOREVER. When it's time up. TIME'S UP!! For now, it's GONE, BUT NOT FORGOTTEN.
  • vishna
    I went to one of the clearance stores... some things were still quite high. And they had new Incredibles 2 merch. very interesting
    • zagor

      I went last weekend and everything was 90% off. But only crap was left.

    • vishna

      @zagor Ah, lucky, I went like 3 weeks ago. Lol right, a lot of random figures from very obscure shows and teddy bears XD teddy bears

    • zagor

      It wasn't very lucky. There was some weird stuff I had never heard of, and that was about it. But I did save money - spent $0.

  • TuMeManques
    I don't care at all. They weren't very clean amd they didn't have good customer service and they were priced way too high. They didn't stay relevant and they lost track of who kept them in business.
    • Toys R Us was also in massive debt, and that is probably an understatement.

  • acooke-13
    I loved Toys R Us as a kid, but now I'm not bothered, it's sad sure but it's not asif I was ever gonna buy from it.
  • BuchitaBuchys
    I grew up poor af. I don't have this attachment to Toys R US lol
  • AmBoi
    I always like Toys R Us buuut... creative destruction.
  • Bananaman177
    Well that's what they get for having their head up their ass.

    Good riddance.
  • adamjanovic
    We still have Toys R Us here in Canada.
  • SpiderManFan2002
    RIP to my favourite childhood store.
  • Mishthefish
    So sad ! Toys R Us was my childhood 😔
  • Wheres all the toys gone go :(
  • Salsacumbia
    Ahhh... thats definitely sad 😯
  • cherryphi82
    What... that sucks.
  • Paris13
    No Retail is Us. xxoo
  • legalboxers
    who the hell put these onions here :(
  • PoohBoy38
    Toys R Us was one of my childhood favorite stores!
  • zagor
    Jeff Bezos will kill off a few more before long.
  • Aynsof
    Isn't unregulated capitalism just great?
    • Yes, because things do change. Maybe YOU would have enjoyed standing in line for a small amount of shoddy toys that fell apart quickly at GUM (pronounced "goom") but most of us would not.

    • Aynsof

      So that I do not favour unregulated capitalism means I support Soviet style communism?
      Highly intellectual reasoning there...
      I am in actuality in favour of the Keynesian economic model
      You know the one that built prosperity in the West post WWII...
      The one that proved superior to the Soviet model and thus winning the cold war
      The one that has been destroyed by deregulation after deregulation since the 80s
      So yeah... No GUM
      Now you can wait for have super cheap junk that breaks easily shipped from China instead
      But at least there is enough junk for all

    • And in *that* model, retailers changed *all the time*. Kresge's, Zody's, GemCo, Ben Franklin, Federated, Gold Circle, Mervyn's, Dayton Hudson, Ward's, Bullock's, Emporium Capwell, or a host of other retailers in the USA came and went. Retailers turn over.

      As for the Keynesian model, it began to come apart in the inflationary 1960's and completely collapsed in the stagflationary 1970's.

      Nor am I a goo-goo for globalism free-trade-at-all-costs type, which, in fact, the Keynesians were. Like Trump, I think that a little protectionism need not be a bad thing.

      The postwar system was unique to its time, when the USA was an economic hegemon. Today, no so much. The Bretton Woods model was great for its time, but too much has simply changed to go back to it.

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