Holocaust Remembrance Day, Sir Nicholas Winton.

I never heard of him until today.
I never heard of him until today.

He was known for organising the rescue of 669 Czech children from Nazi-occupied Czechoslovakia before war broke out in 1939 using a program known as "Kindertransport". I had no idea that Britain began this program of transporting unaccompanied Jewish children from Austria and Germany before the war. So I guess some people were wise to the Jewish genocide.

Winton was British of course, a stockbroker before WWII. He was vacationing in Switzerland in late 1938 but went to Prague because of a call from a friend. There he was witness to refugees from the war living in brutal conditions.

He used "Kindertransport" to start a similar method for getting children out of Czechoslovakia. It is an incredible story that I was totally ignorant of until today, Holocaust Remembrance Day.


There was no comparable mass-rescue effort in Czechoslovakia. Mr. Winton created one. It involved dangers, bribes, forgery, secret contacts with the Gestapo, nine railroad trains, an avalanche of paperwork and a lot of money. Nazi agents started following him. In his Prague hotel room, he met terrified parents desperate to get their children to safety, although it meant surrendering them to strangers in a foreign land.

As their numbers grew, a storefront office was opened. Long lines attracted Gestapo attention. Perilous confrontations were resolved with bribes. Eventually he registered more than 900 children, although he had names and details on 5,000. In early 1939, he left two friends, Trevor Chadwick and Bill Barazetti, in charge in Prague and returned to London to find foster homes, raise money and arrange transportation.


Holocaust Remembrance Day, Sir Nicholas Winton.
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  • jacquesvol
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    Is this still revelant?
    • I am pretty sure it is much higher in American society. 5% is only startling in Europe.

    • jacquesvol

      Bannon's white supremacists... :p

    • jacquesvol

      PIS in Poland, Le Pen in France, Golden Dawn in Greece, Orban in Hungary etc

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  • BigRob420
    2 out of 100 will risk personal harm to help others. Sadly 78 are don't care either way and 20 are sexually gratified by hurting others. Hats off to that 1 out of 50 kinda guy.
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    • I would like to think I could have done this.

      But truthfully, I don't know if i could.

  • monkeynutts
    Yeah cool, plenty of amazing heroic stories.
    I remember reading about a Jack Warner who was an Austrian Jew, he fled Austria over the Swiss alps, to france, then to the US, he joined the US army and went to fight the Japanese in the Pacific.
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    • Hmmm. . . hadn't heard of that story.

      Thanks for sharing. I will look him up.

    • I think that's how you spell his name, pretty incredible journey, on foot.

  • Wolframium
    Heeey, it's Czechoslovakia. Precursor to Czech republic.
    At least some British did something before the war.
  • shyapples2
    my great grandmother (who is still alive and will be 100 in 2021) survived the holocaust and yes I have heard of him and his actions. very honorable man!
  • gentlemanscholar
    Truly, a man worthy of great respect.
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  • JulieRoze7
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  • Secretgardenblood
    Good Mytake.
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  • Anon-ymous1
    I was not aware of this hero. Thank you.
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  • ChiPaPa
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  • Anonymous
    Great. As a polish Slav I have relatives who survived the holocaust. My great great grandmother was hidden by the Catholic church like a lot of other Jews all over Europe and thanks to the catholic churches vast network all over Europe made it to Switzerland. My great grandfather survived the concentration camps.
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