Remember when Ariana licked a donut? Welcome to people licking ice cream!


What has the world come into that people are behaving like animals. I mean even some animals have better discipline. There's nothing funny about tampering with food you're not even going to buy. Add more to the stupidity with posting it online. Ha. Thanks for the idiots I guess.

I've read in the comments that they should add plastic seals. First. People are trying to be eco friendly. Second. It shouldn't even be needed in the first place! As per the ice cream company it has a natural seal already. If people aren't such douches in the first place. Ugh. *rant rant*

The first offender could get upto 20 years of jail time even though she's a minor. And you know what go the f ahead. Do you know how dangerous it is for viruses to spread out? People who have compromised immune systems can die. JC.

Remember when Ariana licked a donut? Welcome to people licking ice cream!

Just stop it with this asshole trend. Can't people come up with something more responsible? People be placing fame over actually doing something helpful.

I'm all for all offenders going to jail.

Apparently more people are doing it as well :

Another update :

Remember when Ariana licked a donut? Welcome to people licking ice cream!
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  • ImJustCurious13
    That's exactly what I thought when I aw this. Why doesn't Ariana go to prison for 20 years, but since she's a big time celebrity she gets the "princess treatment""
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    • joyjoy123

      Sadly loads of celebs or high profile people get away with a lot of shit :<

  • ChefCurry
    That's why you're not supposed to eat things with a broken seal. Also the first guy might actually enjoy prison. I say we send him to a female prison instead.
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    • joyjoy123

      Sadly some products rely on natural seals like Blue Bell said so that sucks :/

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  • brebre234
    This is honestly sad! Blue bell needs to put a seal on their ice cream. People who do stunts like this need to be arrested.
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    • joyjoy123

      Blue Bell said they're reducing plastics. Still though if people want to be shits they'd still break the seals :/

    • brebre234

      Yeah true but at least if you see the seal broken at least that person knows not to take a chance and buy it.

    • joyjoy123

      Lol well that's one less crime then since spread of disease is less likely to happen so I guess they'll just get booked for tampering haha

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  • LuvAsh
    Get the ice cream with a seal to cover it or just make your own. Thats gross 🤢🤢
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    • joyjoy123

      Some people just have such boring lives they'd think of doing this, it's so sad :/

  • tenukitanuki
    you must hate your parents for real to be doing this. I would be less disappointed in my kids if they tried cocaine or maybe snorted heroin a few times. Just steal the damn food you wack loser pansies.

    these are the same people that don't flush. and oh my god, do you bet they've got problems you need to feel sorry for; bet these losers crying wolf on themselves. Kindergarten level giggle foolery.
  • RolandCuthbert
    They were going to put that woman in jail for 20 years.

    All because of licking ice cream.

    It is disgusting. It is reprehensible. She should be fined. She should be outted.

    But 20 years? That is ridiculous.
  • LegendarySir
    "What has the world come into that people are behaving like animals" can't expect much from a hedonistic society. We praise pleasure over anything else. "Having fun" is more important than doing good. We praise this type of behavior all the time. We act with apathy towards this stuff because "it's not my life, not my problem".
  • PrettyRegular
    I was like wow people are stupid, when I read that some people want her to get like 10 years in prison for a little prank. She should hardly get a parking ticket for that. I think it's funny and yea, I could eat ice cream, which was licked by someone.
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  • Butterfly-x
    Thankyou for sharing this, now I’m gonna go & try this challenge out at my local store when I’m sick 😊
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    • brebre234

      Please tell me you're being sarcastic? Lol

    • @brebre234 I’m just saying when idiots share shit like this some person might actually go & do it themselves

    • brebre234

      Oh got you lol

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  • GD360
    She's getting like 20 years in prison for that lol... idiot smh
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  • TheFlak38
    In the attention competition of the 21st century women have two ways of winning the game.
    1. Get naked
    2. commit a felony.
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  • lightbulb27
    Beyond awful. Note they were all black, the one was gay. Any trends? Is this a cultural thing in a certain location? The problem being... some idiot does something, many other idiots follow.. not all record it.

    I'm so glad they took video. Shouldn't be too hard to identify, track them down. Then the question is what is the punishment. Per my other answer, I'm good with giving them whacks at minimum. They do that in Singapore, it won't kill them. Light their assess up! Next offense, they are on the wrong end of a firing squad and we'll give them a free taste of ice cream as last food, that's very generous!

    This society has got to start putting discipline in place, respect.
  • Konabeana
    This is f*cking nasty! I pay for that sh*t with my hard-earned money!
  • John_Doesnt
    I'm gonna put my Wang on hotdog packets and we'll call it the "being a dick" trend.
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  • anametouse
    I took this out of context for a second and thought "ice cream is supposed to be licked thats why we have cones"
  • CocoBat
    I hate this so much... almost as much as Belle Delphine selling tubs of bath water...
    • up_64

      That's legal. And her incel base seem to enjoy it. Let them

  • cmarshallss
    y'all Americans need safety covers n shit on your food lol

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  • Dchrls78104
    And yet when a girl sticks out her tongue, it's considered sexy in many places.
  • clonesclone
    The way to stop this is to remove non-whites from the country.
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    • brebre234

      So what about the white guy who rinse his mouth with mouthwash and spit right in the bottle and put the bottle right back on the shelf? Or Ariana Grande licking a donut? Or the other white guy who took his hands and scooped out icecream with his hand and put it right back in the freezer of a store? Stop making the issue a race thing. No matter if you're black white purple green etc it's still wrong. Your statement sound ignorant.

    • @brebre234 Literally only one of those people you mentioned was White and he was a tranny. Europeans and Asians don't behave this way. This type of behavior was introduced to white countries because of third world immigrants.

    • brebre234

      Last time I checked all 3 are white. The guy above in the video is white. Ariana Grande is Italian descent which is European which is white. And the guy even though he is a tranny is white. And Europeans don't act that way? I know a lot who dont wash their hands after using the bathroom or touch their butt, pick their nose etc and touch food. Along with many kissing other people at the same time. And immigrants? Last time I checked Europeans stole the Native Americans land. America is not a white country and was never one to begin with because it was full of Native Americans tribes. This has nothing to do with race this is an issue where you have idiots doing disgusting things in a store such as licking ice cream knowing that is unsanitary.

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  • Prof_Don
    He will burn in hell for his racism
  • Clearblueskye
    That’s just nasty. Hope she gets arrested!
  • Anonymous
    I honestly don't mind if a hot guy does it
  • Anonymous
    Hopefully one day people, preferably women, just start randomly licking balls!!!
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