What really happened to Jeffery Epstein?

(image of Jefferey Epstein)
(image of Jefferey Epstein)

Who Was Jeffery Epstein?

Jeffrey Edward Epstein (born January 20, 1953) was a convicted sex offender and financier. Epstein began his career in finance at the investment bank Bear Stearns, before forming his own firm, J. Epstein & Co.

Epstein and his only known billionaire "client," Leslie Wexner, would later forge a business relationship with the CIA front company Southern Air Transport and play a major role in the airline's relocation to Columbus, Ohio in the mid-1990s.

He developed an elite social circle and procured many women, including underage girls, who were then sexually abused by Epstein and some of his contacts.

The CIA have been honey trapping since the mid 1940s
The CIA have been honey trapping since the mid 1940s

Honey trapping is an investigative practice involving the use of romantic or sexual relationships for interpersonal, political (including state espionage), or monetary purpose.

The honey pot or trap involves making contact with an individual who has information or resources required by a group or individual, the trapper will then seek to entice the target into a false relationship (which may or may not include actual physical involvement) in which they can glean information or influence over the target.

Typically, this method is seen to be employed by female operatives against male targets in media depictions, but it has been known to be employed by both genders against a range of targets.

Epstein had many powerful friends

Jeffrey Epstein was friends with a who’s who of high-profile politicians, celebrities and media elites, including Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, and Prince Andrew.

one of Epstein's best of friends, flew on Epstein's plane 26 times!

What really happened to Jeffery Epstein?

Virginia Roberts, who’s accused Epstein of turning her into a “sex slave” at age 17 and forcing her to sleep with his powerful friends, claimed Clinton stayed in one of the many villas on Epstein’s US Virgin Islands estate — where group sex was a “regular occurrence.”

What really happened to Jeffery Epstein?

“I remember asking Jeffrey, ‘What’s Bill Clinton doing here?’ kind of thing, and he laughed it off and said, ‘Well, he owes me a favor,’ ” Roberts told her lawyers in a 2011 interview “He never told me what favors they were.”

Final Arrest/hours

Jeffrey Epstein was charged with sex trafficking dozens of underage girls after being arrested at an airport on July 6, 2019

Epstein was placed on suicide watch on July 23 after being found semi-conscious in his cell with marks on his neck, in what prison officials described at the time as a failed suicide attempt.

He was removed from suicide watch six days later, on July 29, and returned to a segregated area of the prison with extra security known as the special housing unit.

the prison’s psychological team had evaluated Epstein on a daily basis after his alleged initial suicide attempt and had found him to be no risk to himself or to others.

Officials said that Epstein had met for many hours each day with his legal team, and that both he and his lawyers had repeatedly assured the prison that he did not want to kill himself and had asked MCC to remove him from the suicide watch.

Finally, officials said, at least one member of Epstein’s legal team was with him until 6:30 on the Friday evening before his death. None of his legal team — Reid Weingarten, Marty Weinberg, Michael Miller or Marc Fernich — would comment about their client’s emotional and mental state the night before his death and during the last six days of his incarceration.

Under the prison’s rules and procedures, Epstein was supposed to be given a cellmate and monitored by prison guards every 30 minutes, 24 hours a day after being removed from suicide watch. Prison experts believe that having a cellmate helps deter suicide. Neither officials nor Epstein’s legal team would comment on whether those procedures were followed, but at least one official familiar with the episode said that they were not.

Epstein had a cellmate before his initial alleged suicide attempt, but cellmate Nicholas Tartaglione was not returned to share a cell with him after Epstein was placed on watch and then removed from the list

Nicholas Tartaglione
Nicholas Tartaglione

Jeffrey Epstein’s former Manhattan cellmate says guards at the lockup have been threatening him since the financier’s death

Epstein was alone in his cell for some time before his death — again, in violation of the prison’s rules and procedures.

The guards

What really happened to Jeffery Epstein?

were both working overtime shifts where Epstein was housed in the correctional center's "special housing unit," an area where prisoners are separated from the general population for safety, according to a federal indictment. They have been placed on leave

Epstein was assigned to a cell closest to the correctional officers' desk, about 15 feet away, according to the indictment.

He was ordered by the facility's psychological staff to have an assigned cellmate. But Epstein's cellmate was transferred out of his cell in a "routine, pre-arranged transfer" on August 9th.

Federal prosecutors allege that for large portions of their shifts that night, Noel and Thomas "sat at their desk, browsed the internet, and moved around the common area of the [special housing unit.]" For a period of about two hours, they sat at their desks without moving and appeared to be asleep, according to the indictment.

In addition to the 30-minute checks on each inmate, the guards were required to conduct an "institutional check" to account for each inmate five times daily. But according to the indictment, no inmates in the unit received the necessary checks from about 10:30 the night of August 9 to 6:30 a.m. the morning of August 10, when Epstein was found unresponsive.

Forensic pathologist

What really happened to Jeffery Epstein?

Dr. Michael Baden was hired by the pedophile’s brother, Mark Epstein, to observe his autopsy after he was found hanged in his Manhattan lockup in August.

Dr. Michael Baden, a former New York City medical examiner who observed the autopsy, said he was not conviced.

Baden said Epstein experienced a number of injuries that "are extremely unusual in suicidal hangings and could occur much more commonly in homicidal strangulation," suggesting there was at least a possibility Epstein was murdered. Baden was also dubious about how the stringent Manhattan Correction Facility could have allowed Epstein's suicide to happen.

What do you Guys/Girls think about the entire ordeal of Jeffery Epstein? Was he working with intelligence agencies in a honey trapping operation? was he murdered? did he take his own life? (comment below)

What really happened to Jeffery Epstein?
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  • Tiffylynn207
    Seems like he was definitely into some sketchy things, and perhaps knew too much? I have zero doubt that he was murdered but we dont have a clear reason why right now.
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    • Oh yes we do, he had thousands of names, very powerful people (people that he had evidence on) from his honey trapping. Someone had him killed before he talked, either it being the CIA or someone else that was hired.

    • Forgive my previous lack of knowledge, I haven't had much tome to study this subject yet. I found it to be very interesting & equally as upsetting.

      So, he died before he had the opportunity to provide any names or other vital information? I feel like if thats the case, along with all the other strange events (like the gaurds not checking between 10:30am-6:30pm the day he was found unresponsive, etc) he had to have been murdered.

    • Most likely, they say that there were certain things found with names, but nothing to the magnitude that he knew him self.

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  • jimmy2
    All his clients like Bill Clinton should be invegastion for under age sex with girls and boys
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  • Very interesting. Looks like there might have been foul play.
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