Great Corona day


Today I had a great day. My boss called me at 9:30 and said we're in lockdown. Everybody's staying at home until further notice but this company can continue most of the business so we're lucky he talked about what I'm supposed to do and we talked about some things coming up. He said we'd stay in contact daily. I started my work at 11:30 and was done at 1 pm. I did some laundry, cleaning, let the dish washer run and emptied it etc.

My one housemate doesn't have to work at all so we hung out on the balcony in the sun it was so nice. I started drinking beer at 4 cause I felt like it. We were listening to music the whole time of course some 90s radio show XD. We wanted to go play beah volleyball ause it was so nice outside but those cowards were not up for it. So we made pizza with tons of cheese.

The third guy went to work and found out he didn't even have to go so he went to his mom to garden? He showed up and gave me some weed that I smoked after dinner. I watered his plants for a week once and he promised me some of the weed as compensation. I agreed to do it before that but he said it later. I sort of quit weed because I felt like it wasn't great for me afterwards though. But i've started smoking occasionally again so I asked him if I could still have some ^^. He said he'd give me the rest tomorrow. Then he went off to a friends of his

Me and my other homie hung out in the basement for a bit listened to music and watched some stuff. He was still desperately on his phone to find a girl but he was like nobody's coming. At 9:30 or so I went to my room cause it was cold down there and he was not talking to me anyway. Now I'm chilling in bed, warm, listening to music. I just felt super good today I felt really energeti cause yesterday I worked in the garden for 3 hours and I was tired but today I felt a lot fitter though cause my body was expecting more of that. So everything was kinda easy.

And it was sunny that was the best part.

We have another housemate but she's working in the health sector so she's fuuuuucked. Even though it's mental health she still has to work over 100% and half the people are missing it's no fun.

Great Corona day
Great Corona day

Here's two pictures I took of my one housemate today. He was like tae a good picture of me I'll make a story and then he made a insta story of himself on my phone on my account and tagged himself :D. And the other one I took because he wanted to know if his head was red. And then he was like:" No way, you put filters on this!"

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Great Corona day
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  • Anonymous
    Your housemate is crazy hot. Please make sure to tell him that he looks absolutely incredible!
    glad you had a good day - I’ve been studying all day every day for a week now so my situation is less relaxed than yours.
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    • Lynx122

      I'll tell him but trust me he knows.

    • Anonymous

      Omg LOL alright then

    • Lynx122

      I told him and he said don't wait and just give him your number. :)

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  • Kitten1998
    This was really good! I enjoyed reading it. Glad you had a good day 😊
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  • DeeDeeDeVour
    Sounds like you had a great day indeed.
    If the weather permits, do it again!
    • Lynx122

      We're having a great time every day now, the weather is so nice at the moment. Today I went shoppinng and cooked for everyone which is kinda rare cause it's not that easy for me but it went well and we had a great evening :)

  • Dchrls78104
    In my country, the government has ordered all bars and certain other businesses closed for a while to combat the coronavirus. So people who work in these places necessarily have to stay at home. The government has said that these workers will be paid for the time they spent at home. You should check that your bosses have done the same for you.
    • Lynx122

      I'm still getting paid I just have to work from home so don't worry :). My boss just wasn't always diligent with giving me work so I could chill on some days :D

    • Lynx122

      Thanks for the advice though.

  • October808
    Do you have one of those electronic head thermometers?
    • Lynx122

      Nope but I didn't have Corona the girl who works in the psychiatric clinic got tested.

  • Enjoy your day. Great Take 😊✌️☮️
  • duanemc86
    I'm guessing that dude with the twat knot is more than just a housemate. Gay lover maybe.
  • rickle
    Thanks corona