Who's winning the war right now: Feminism or MGTOW?

Feminism's massive influence on society has taken us from traditional morals and gender roles to an age of female entitlement. But in the last several years, men's groups like MGTOW have risen from the ash heap of male privilege to challenge it. Then last year feminism suffered its biggest setback yet when Hillary lost the election to a chauvinistic serial groper. Feminists wept and MGTOW cheered as Trump rolled back Title IX protections for women.

However, the tides may have turned again now that male executives, producers and journalists everywhere are getting fired over sexual assault claims. These incidents confirm the very things feminism has always preached -- that men are predators and women are victims. The president who embodied male entitlement is now under investigation and many of his toxic male cohorts in the White House are gone.

Yet the more success and power that women achieve at men's expense, the more it calls into question their status as victims deserving special treatment. How can it be claimed that women's voices are ignored and disbelieved when they are bringing down powerful CEOs and media moguls on an almost daily basis? These doubts chip away at the foundations of feminism and provide an opening for a MGTOW comeback.

So which of these rabid groups is currently winning the war: MGTOW or the FEMINISTS?
FEMINISM is winning
MGTOW is winning
It's a stalemate!
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Who's winning the war right now: Feminism or MGTOW?
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