My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

It's approaching that time of year again... try to stay calm. Valentine gift shopping can be even more stressful than X-mas shopping! I've been lucky enough to never mess that moment up but some of my friends have. Some of us panic and stick with the classics or pick something so far out of left field it can kill the mood in a heartbeat. Still it doesn't have to be stressful or complicated. Just relax, breathe and read on. Here's a list of ideas, that I can personally vouch for, that have worked over the years.

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

1. Spa Day-

Spa Day's are such a great gift! First Drop her off at a really good spa for a day of pampering. Second head home to clean while getting dinner started then turn on romantic music as you head out pick her up. Escort her out and put her in the car caringly, play spa music while on the drive back home talking little. Escort her into to the house with the same love (or carry her in) and drop her off at the bedroom door saying "Get ready and I'll draw you a bath." Light some candles, draw the bath, make sure she can hear the romantic music. (Make sure to turn off all phones so nothing interrupts the setting.) Then excuse yourself to finish dinner while she gets in the mood. Once she's cleaned and fed... it's time to get dirty!

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

2. Treasure Hunt-

It's a classic for a reason. Romantic clues leading her to remember why you make such a great couple is always good. Getting the clues to match the local can be difficult but a little effort from you leads to a greater reward later. I was happy to find out that if you talk to the store owner/manager of the place, where you had your first date, they will usually help hide your romantic clues.

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

3. Sheet Maze-

This takes a bit of effort. You'll have to pin up sheets to the ceiling to make some kind of maze. Once you're done make sure to leave either two cans of silly string or a small water gun next to the front door. Write a note to leave at the door saying "I'm hiding somewhere in the maze. Can you find me before I find you? Grab your weapon(s) and bring it!" The point of all of this is to get your partner in the shower after a long fun romantic battle, so your weapons will have to be a squeeze bottle of Honey and/or Chocolate (Or sugar water in a spray bottle.) Laugh and kiss your way to the shower then BOWCHICKAWOWOW!

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

4. Tons Of Chocolate-

Women and some Men enjoy receiving the classic chocolate on V-Day but crank it up a notch for once. Three key candy filled Holidays precede Valentine's Day so if you plan it right you should have a ton of clearance candy hidden away in an air tight box... buried in the back yard...cause anyone can track down that much chocolate. (You could make it part of the treasure hunt.) If you do that right you shouldn't have to buy any more chocolate for at least a week or three days if they share.

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

5. Homemade Love-

Sometimes money is tight and we can't give the gifts we want, so we have to improvise a bit. Also it can be more welcomed and loved by your S.O. than anything you can buy. Decorate the wall with post-it notes, tape a rose to the wall and Make a card, throw in some of those relationship coupons but make them relevant to your relationship. Coupons like: Win any trivia argument instantly and get a kiss. Or, No conversation for the first two hours after work to help you to relax. Just make sure it's tailored to your Lover and it should go over extremely well. Then you can both grab some popcorn and watch a romantic movie before or after the V-day booty call!

I wish I had more tips for you but I've been out of the game for a few years now. So if you have an idea please feel free to add it. (And unless you want a November surprise, always wrap your tool!)

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

~Happy Valentine's Day~

My Favorite Valentine's Day Gift Ideas
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  • BeautifulPromisesx
    in my opinion just good company is enough.
    But if not, then flowers are the way to go.
    You can never go wrong with roses.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • Those are the best. Spa day is a good idea, and chocolate
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  • redeyemindtricks
    "... that have worked over the years"
    ^^ Baha I can't resist being a jerk and asking for a definition of "worked", here.


    When Feb 14th comes around, my favorite thing to do is just lmao at the suckers (= the people who are actually willing to significantly inconvenience themselves for a "holiday" created entirely by commercial marketers)...
    ... and then lmao some more at the *other* suckers (= the ones who actually CARE whether their partners are willing to significantly inconvenience themselves for a "holiday" created entirely by commercial marketers).
    #yougotgot #youvebeenhad

    I mean, srry, but if I'm gna be on one side of a hustle, it ain't gna be the side that GETS hustled.
  • LifeIsStrange
    I used to get chocolate, flowers and then taken out for a meal when I was in a relationship.
    Now I chill on the coach, watch rom coms and stuff my face with chocolate 😂
    These are lovely ideas though 😊 especially the homemade one!
  • SunnyCaliGirl
    I would so love a day spa trip and that with tons of chocolate is the greatest combination a girl can get lol... these are all great gift ideas and a great MyTake <3
  • chocolatelover3
    Guess I do homemade love if I do anything. We are happily married and wait for our anniversary for a big celebration.
  • soulbabe
    Cool for most people. I'm just going to curl on the couch with ice cream and yell at romantic movies
  • Princesslee16
    I only love the Homemade love. Shows that he really loves me
  • John_Doesnt
    I always like food, especially shellfish, on Valentine's.
  • Luci92
    Oh my goodness these are so awesome
  • Eternallylucky
    Home made dinner will suffice too
  • cupidkisses
    first two is great