Valentine's Day Gifts For Men And Women, THE ITALIAN VERSION! What About Your Country?

This is dedicated to all you lovers who care about showing your SO how much you love them.

I have seen the following request going around the Web, asking people from around the world to hold a piece of letter (picture below) with a written text saying that their love is so big it has reached that country ...

Valentine's day Gifts for Men and Women, THE ITALIAN VERSION ! WHAT ABOUT YOUR COUNTRY?

Which is quiet a fantastic Idea, and it's spreading wild, here is a list what usually us Italians do for Valentine's Day.

Well, in Italy, Valentines Day is something we celebrate every day (not even kidding we are hopeless romantics) but we give it some little extra extra on that particular day, February 14th ...

We are the most romantic folks around the globe if you ask me

(by the way i live 1 hour away from Venice)

1. Our top gift to give to each other are" BACI CHOCOLATE"

Delicious pralines that come in different packages, they are small pralines wrapped in aluminum and in each you will find a tiny peace of paper with a super romantic quote on it.

In Italy they are considered romantic and it's a UNISEX gift, so we usually gift this to each other.

They even have cute Baci Teddy bears with a little pocket and a few of these pralines inside.

2. A Valentine's cake

Usually Women prepare cakes so they can eat after their romantic dinner in the evening.


3. Love pillows

This is usually a typical first time Valentine's day gift for fresh couples. Even this one is Unisex but usually it's the Man who gifts this to his Woman.

4. "LA GROTTA" dinner

Some very lucky Italian chick gets this gift, a candle light dinner at one of the most famous restaurants in Italy "LA GROTTA PALAZZESE" located in South Italy, which is basically a restaurant inside a cave with an amazing view for an unforgettable moment.

5. How about some nice Italian Pizza

Like i said, we are all about Food, during Valentines Day, a lot of Pizzerias, offer heart shaped Pizzas to couples, or your SO will order one for you without you knowing.

Italy and Pizza ... Yeah i know

Usually Italian couples spoil each other a lot, honestly, i love my country for that and for many other things, and i would love to hear what other countries typically do for Valentine's day ?

Thank you and lots of AMORE to all of you guys <3


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  • Nice mytake. Italy sounds like so much fun to have Valentine's day their. The food sounds and looks yummy.


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  • Wow this is great and so many romantic ideas <3


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  • Ah! Yes! I love this!!

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