5 Ways to Give him an AMAZING Valentine's Day!

5 Ways to Give him an AMAZING Valentine's Day!

1. Dress up sexy

No man is gonna deny that he loves it when his woman looks sexy, and wraps herself up like a fun little present to unravel

2. Love coupons

These are great for having some fun and keeping the excitement of the perks throughout the year.

3. Cook him dinner

Why not make him a meal that he craves? Shows initiative and takes away from the typical "man pampers woman" approach

4. Massage

A great massage to help him relax is sure to give you some brownie points

5. Dessert in bed ;)

Yes... that means focusing on him and really giving him something that he can't forget


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What Guys Said 1

  • Wow, a take that is actually about what WOMEN can do for their MAN on Valentine's Day. That's novel and refreshing. Thank you!


What Girls Said 1

  • I will keep them in mind