6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

Whenever Valentine's Day rolls around or any other date night for that matter, creativity tends to go out the window, and it's another movie and another dinner reservation. How about trying something different and actually having a more memorable experience with your partner.

1. Discover your own city

6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

I don't care if you were born in your city and proclaim that you will die in your city, you and your partner haven't seen it all yet. Most people who live some place rarely do tourist type things because they figure it's cheesy and lame, but often times you can discover some really interesting things that exist or that you may have seen and always wondered about. For instance, in mine there is an unmarked red button on top of a popular bridge where you push it, and a giant fountain of water explodes in the water down below. I would have never known about it, had I not played tourist. I would suggest you avoid the paid tourist tours, and simply create your own. Go on an art crawl and find all the major art downtown in your city, or find the historical trails and markers, or tour a couple of the major or minor parks you've never been to, etc.

2. B.E.Y

6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

Bring Everything Yourself. No one likes to foot the bill at the end of the night for an expensive (and only because it's Valentine's Day) dinner, so instead, ask your date to bring sandwiches and chips, and you'll bring the wine and dessert or whatever it is you'll both enjoy or surprise each other with a variety of interesting foods or foods you've never tried before. Go to the park or your own backyard, and set up your own foldable romantic table and chairs, music, and eat by candlelight if you're so inclined.

3. Pack their bags and go

6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

Find a decent little airbnb in the next town over, pack up an overnight bag for your bf/gf, offer to pick them up from work, and just surprise them with a short road trip.

4. Let the internet decide your date

6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

In the vein of a certain youtube channel, let the internet decide what you and your date should do every step of the way. Create a twitter poll or GaG poll for each new activity you want to try and do; give like 4 choices for each poll, you give two, your date, two, and whichever choice gets the most votes, that's what you'll do next, and then take another poll and so on. It makes it interesting and keeps you on your toes and can make for quite a memorable experience. #DateNight

5. Go on a Photo Scavenger Hunt

6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

Many cities have particular scavenger hunts or you can look up online and participate in one on your own. Take your camera to each spot and take a crazy picture with whatever it is you need to find.

6. Build a fort

6 Creative Valentines Day Date Suggestions

Remember when you were both kids, and you would build a fort out of pillows and blankets and sheets and use all the chairs and couches in the house. You're never to old for fort building! Instead of just doing Netflix and Chill, see if the two of you can create the most amazing fort so you can then enjoy a good binge watch or a good movie in the safety of your cave where no one can hurt you.


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  • 1. My city is not a touristy city. People did not come here on vacation unless they have family or friends that live here.
    2. It is not going to be warm out so a picnic would not be fun.
    3. The nearest bed and breakfast that is good is too far away. On top of that me and my girlfriend have to work early the next morning. I don't think the owners would want to make breakfast at 5am.
    4. She has to work until anywhere from 5pm-6pm. If I want others opinions on what to do for a date then I would ask people we know.
    5. Not something you do in the dark. Also would be weather permitting.
    6. Even if we wanted to build a got it would not be tall enough to watch a movie or tv if that is what we wanted to do.

    • Sounds like you're just making excuses for not wanting to have a good old creative time.

      1. You can still explore your town/city and learn something new even if it isn't exactly a New York.
      2. Set it up inside. The cheesier the better.
      3. You can celebrate on the weekend which is what most people who have to work, do.
      4. Then ask people you know
      5. Again, do it during the day on the weekend or find a scavenger hunt that can be done inside like at a mall.
      6. If kids can build forts, I'm pretty sure with your adult brain you could figure out how to make it taller. Use standing lamps, attach clips to curtain rods, stack chairs. You can also create an open sided fort if you have your tv mounted to the wall.

    • @myTakeOwner

      1. If there is something that I do not know abut my city then it is most likely not interesting. My city is 30 square miles.
      2. I have done it indoors a few times and not once did it have the feel of a picnic.
      3. I work either Saturday or Sunday and sometimes both. Once in a while I get both days off. We plane something like a bed & breakfast ahead of time.
      4. Romantic dates I like to plan ahead for.
      5. There is geocaching but the thing is I work weird hours and when I get off work it is dusk or dark out. We would need to do it on a day we both have off and got nothing else going on.
      6. The only thing I have that is tall enough is a five shelf solid wood bookcase. With the way our living room is it would be too small for us. On top of that she is not into the whole fort thing.

      You can take what I say as excuses but I am being realistic about things.

  • These are great ideas, I love the fort idea!

  • All fun choices

  • interestinf ones

  • i love the last one ♡

  • I'd be rather traditional with her