10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, do you have your reservations made and Valentine's Day date set? Below are a few date ideas just in case you are stumped!

1. Take dance lessons.

10 Valentine's Day Date Ideas

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Learning something new together is always an adventure. Dance lessons can test if you and your date are on the same beat!

2. Go to the spa and get a couples massage.

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Both men and women can enjoy spa night! Wind down with a spa night to relieve some stress and award each other.

3. Go on a wine tour.

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Wine tours can be romantic and can give you just the buzz to be vulnerable around each other.

4. Create a scavenger hunt.

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Plan a scavenger hunt for your valentine! You can leave notes or clues in various places around the house, yard, neighborhood, campus, or even the city if you are so adventurous.

5. Paint your own pottery.

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Get creative with your significant other. Check your neighborhood for a DIY pottery painting shop!

6. Go ice skating.

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The cold ice will give you a reason to get close and if you're a little clumsy, hopefully your date will hold your hand.

7. Go to a comedy club.

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What is better than laughing with your loved one? Catch a comedy sketch show.

8. Go on a hot air balloon ride.

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Take in the view and a beverage on a hot air ballon ride with your date.

9. Cheer on your team!

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Head to a high school, college, amateur, or professional game and root for your team.

10. Go on a Date where you first met!

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Recreate the night of your first date or where you first met. This idea is always good for an anniversary or for Valentine's Day!

What are your Valentine's Day plans? Will you be doing any of the ideas above?


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  • Anyone else dread the scavenger hunt? feels like too much effort for my lazy ass. But maybe if the girls really awesome I'd set somethin up. Don't know, never had a gf anyways


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  • I always wanted to go on a hot air balloon ride.


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  • #12: find someone willing to pose as your boyfriend for 24 hours so you don't feel as lonely.

  • good post...

  • This are good suggestions for Valentine's day for me đŸ˜€ thanks