14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas


14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

It’s official! Valentine’s Day is less than one month away, so it’s time to start planning a romantic evening for that special someone! Whether you prefer an intimate night at home or an elaborate night on the town, this is the one night to go all out and show how much you care. There are so many ways to make this V-Day a night to remember, regardless of your style or budget. Not sure where to begin? No worries! Check out these 14 unique and romantic date ideas to make this Valentine’s the best one yet!

[ Hint: Flowers and chocolates are always a good idea ]

Surprise Her With A Special Dinner Date

Every girl loves an excuse to dress up and feel pretty on Valentine’s Day. Surprise her with reservations at a great restaurant in the city – Bonus points if you arrive with flowers at her door!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Treat Her To A Couple’s Massage

Who doesn’t love getting pampered? Book a couple’s massage at a local spa for an afternoon of relaxation. Not only will she be blown away with the surprise, you’ll be treating yourself to the treatment as well!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Cook Dinner For Her

Dim the lights, set the table, and light some candles for a romantic night in with your girl. She won’t care if you’re specialty is filet mignon or peanut butter and jelly sandwiches – As long as you show her you tried in the kitchen, she will be thrilled!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Book A Staycation

Book a room at a hotel in your city for the night, order room service, and pop a bottle of champagne toasting to a mini vacay! Who says you have to leave the city for a romantic getaway?

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Take Her Ice Skating

Take her ice skating if you’re lucky enough to have a rink in your city. It’s the perfect excuse for holding hands on the ice and snuggling up with hot chocolate after.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Whisk Her Away For A Night Of Dancing

Head to a local hot spot and hit the dance floor for a night of twirling and fun. Who knows, maybe you both will have so much fun that you book a round of dance classes after the holiday!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Plan A Picnic (Indoor Or Outdoor!)

There’s nothing sweeter than sharing a picnic with a special someone. Pick up takeout from her favorite restaurant and surprise her with an enchanting picnic under the stars. If it's too cold outside, try recreating the picnic INSIDE your home!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Escape For A Weekend Getaway

Love to explore? Get out of town for the weekend and visit a new destination together. Mountains, beach, new city, wherever – She will be thrilled with the surprise!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Cuddle Up For A Romantic Movie Marathon

Let your girl choose the movies for the night and plan a lovey-dovey, rom-com marathon. Hours of love stories will have her cuddled in your arms all night long.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Enjoy A Night At The Theatre

If she’s a fan of musicals or live theatre, snag tickets to a local performance with great reviews or perhaps a show she’s been dying to see.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Tour An Art Museum

Get cultural this Valentine’s Day and explore the local art museums. A lot of museums are free to the public or offer special evening events, so check online to see what’s going on in your area.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Relive Your First Date

Take a trip down memory lane and recreate your first date. Take her to that restaurant where you shared your first date or that cobblestone street where you shared your first kiss. She will be blown away by your thoughtfulness on this one.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Be A Tourist In Your Own Town

It’s easy to get caught up in a routine, but get out of your element and spend the day exploring your city together. Try a new restaurant, visit a new gallery, and learn about the history of your city – new experiences always create unique memories.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Sign Up For A Cooking Class

Step up your skills in the kitchen by enrolling in a cooking class for Valentine’s Day. Indulge in a delicious culinary experience, while learning to make something new together.

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Have you had an amazing Valentine's Day date? Or perhaps a unique date idea for this year? Share your experiences below!

14 Romantic Valentine's Day Date Ideas
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Anonymous
    "Surprise Her"
    "Treat Her To"
    "Cook Dinner For Her"
    "Take Her"
    "Let your girl"

    I see this take was for the boys.
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  • takumii
    Okay.. All noted down. Next step : find a Valentine.
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  • polka1
    Relive your first date one sounds amazing!! ugh if my boyfriend did that I think I would actually cry since he isn't very romantic and isn't much for valentines day lol. But that one sounds amazing, especially cause there would be no expense since we just went to Haggen and chatted and yeah. but it was amazing!! that would be so awesome! :D
  • Dragonstarterplus
    Ugh Valentine's Day is less than a moment I away? God I hate this stupid pointless holiday.

    Valentine's Day: a second anniversary on a completely random day that isn't special in any way at all because EVERYONE ELSE IS OUT PRETENDING TO BE SPECIAL TOO
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  • DaniaMQ
    Damn now I wish my boyfriend wasn't so far away from where I live😭... Great take by the way 😊
  • dipta
    I reckon most of these are meant for the boyfriend.
    Any ideas for the girls?
  • CBryan
    Valentines day saves me more money than switching to GEICO!
  • WeeGeeTheSecond
    15: Get a girlfriend beforehand
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  • Zorax
    Nice Take, and great ideas :)
  • Yellow_
    Ice skating sounds fun
  • Ashely_Princess
    Awesome take
  • Hollywood-Glam
    Lovely take :)
  • ZellRocx666
    Nice take :)
  • Words_and_Wisdom
    Any romantic ideas to do alone and single? =/
    • mickylad

      Romantic no. But I'm going paintball sa shooting !!

  • Anonymous
    These are really really good ideas!

    What if you text a single long distance friend before or on valentines?
    It that sweet, awkward, attractive? Does it make you desirable or friendzone you?

    How to play it, do it or leave it?
  • Anonymous
    Cute ideas good job
  • Anonymous
    I hope you all know that the all start game for the NBA is on vday this year. In case you have any boyfriends that might fight you about wanting to watch the game instead of going out
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