Things You Can Do to Get Over Him

Things You Can Do to Get Over Him

Breaking up or rejection usually involves circumstances generated by both parties (he's not that into you, he's taken, etc). Whether it's guy or gal, one thing's for certain: it hurts like Hell. But, the good news is you have a way to kill the pain. It takes time (like everything else), but you'll be happy you did these things. Most of my suggestions were listed in the guy version (Things You Can Do to Get Over Her), and girls can try them, too. But I did neglect to include some, here they are:

1. Get lost in a book

I really don't need to get in a lengthy explanation about this one. As one of the commenters in my previous myTake said, good books tend to last longer. It can be any book you feel like reading, just read it. I, myself, prefer books that are educational, particularly about computer science or any hobbies.

2. Casual dating

This doesn't have to involve romance, by any means. Think of it as probing to see if any of your dates, or friends, are compatible. It's nonchalant, so don't try too hard, but still try. Just relax and experiment a little (well....maybe not in a sexual way, unless you're down with that).

I know this seemed a little short (and it took me forever to put this together), but with the holidays and all, it's hard for me to focus. As I've said before, there are things on the guy's list that girls can do, too. Just do what you can to have fun, and have a safe holiday!


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  • There is always the gym, volunteering, taking a class in something that interests you, picking up a new hobby (learning to play the guitar). Really anything that helps you move on.


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  • 3. Talk to friends and family your not alone.
    4. Fitness burn away the nightmares
    5. Take a vacation to see a long lost friend.

    • Just keep'em coming. This take is kinda lacking, though I did press myself for time more than the first.


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  • Very... brief. I feel you could have done a much better job if you took the time to expand on it more. But honestly I don't agree too terribly much with it at all to begin with. However it was still well written and I feel you have potential to make better work in the future.

  • :( crap take


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