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Why does he still contact me even though I ignore him?

I broke up with my ex months ago and we worked on being friends and kinda more than that, but I met someone else and he kept trying to talk to me so... Show More

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  • Can your cell phone block his number? This appears to be telephone harassment. Check out what the phone company can do to stop it. Then the police (NOT 9-1-1!). That will get his attention, guaranteed.

    He appears to not respect the boundaries you have (wisely) set up.



  • Buddy below me is dumb, he actually loves you and wants to work things out, as to why you left him, I'm pretty sure you thought he didn't care about u, but he really did, that's why he keeps trying to contact u. That's why he wants to talk. Cause the situation can be fixed, and this new guy ur with, he's just being nice till ur ex stops contacting u, then he will have u, and his true colors will come out. I would suggest you go back to ur ex. Once ur ex gives up on trying to talk to u, I'm pretty sure ur new relationship won't last long, and ull want to talk to ur ex, and he's gonna tell you no. And ull regret it. So I suggest you stop acting really mean to him, and work it out.

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