Why do guys go back to their ex-girlfriends?

I was really into this guy, and the day I actually made some moves, he went back to his ex. I mean we're young and I know they dated for about a year, but I heard she was bit of a loony. What drove him to go back? Besides the connection they must of had, though he even said they had grown apart. I mean, don't people break up for a reason? What's the psychology behind this?

It just sucks in gerneral. =/


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  • i think that he was never over her and vice versa and even if they did break up he just tried to get her out of his mind but couldnt, I had a friend in high school who probably still is with this girl he was his whole high school time, but they broke up more than 7 times sometimes it was him sometimes it was her its a messed up relationship but from their personalities no one else in that school would be better for either of them other than each other. its not just exes that happens with, I liked this girl and asked her out but she turned me down, I felt really bad but I thought I got over it, then prom came and my friends told me I should try asking her out again and I went for it again lol

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      I can actually relate to this because its exactly what happened between my boyfriend and I in the first 2 years out of the 3 that we've been dating. We were on and off for so many times I had lost count of how many times we had broken up in those 2 years. I totally agree in saying that "no one else would be better for either of them other than each other" cos thats exactly why we kept getting back together. Its like as the saying goes "you can't stand to be with them but you can't stand to be without them". No one will understand the situation til they've been through it.