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My ex is moving into the same apt complex as me, what do I do when he gets here?

so I moved from cali where I had a boyfriend that I have been on and off with for the past year. there has been cheating lies and he even owes me a... Show More

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  • You'll hafe to either find a different apartment, or make the best of it and be civil to him, at least untilhe pays you what he owes you.

    AFter, that, move to a different apartment without telling him, it will be too draining to always be running in to him, no?

  • Here is what I think you should do about this juicy situation. I think that you should ignore him completely. He sounds as though he is a hungry wolf in sheep's clothing looking for payback. At first he's being nice to you and then he acting like a jerk. The best way for you to battle against him is to not be in contact with him. Don't communicate with him unless you absolutely have to in the case of an emergency. It is going to be very hard for you to do that especially since he lives in the same apartment complex as you. However, he doesn't live in your apartment so that is better than him living in your apartment space. Go find something else to focus on such as school, work, bettering yourself as a person, or dating. If it becomes that bad then get a restraining order or move to a different apartment complex. I don't think it will get that bad so no heavy measures will be taken like a restraining order. Also, you two hopefully shouldn't see each other that much since you two will have different schedules. I hope my advice can help you out somehow and best of luck with your endeavors! Enjoy your summer and talk to you soon! Deuces!

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