My ex is moving into the same apt complex as me, what do I do when he gets here?

so I moved from cali where I had a boyfriend that I have been on and off with for the past year. there has been cheating lies and he even owes me a couple hundred dollars. we originally planned to move to alabama together but then we broke up again and now were both still moving to alabama for college, different colleges but still in the same area and he's even going to be living in the same apt complex. he made it an effort for me to find out he was dating a girl that lives in mexicali because he put pictures on an email that we used to share. Now I don't know what to do when he gets here should ignore him he tried to be my friend but then acts the same and kinda like an a**hole to me so I stopped contacting him. the main problem is I still love him after everything we've been through. what do I do?