Sending a message to an old classmate you don't know that well on social media?

So one of my Facebook friends post a lot of stuff that is in line with my thinking, and biased on her "likes" of my posts it seems mutual. She was a high school classmate, (high school has been almost 10 years ago) and I don't really remember her all that well. Nevertheless she seems like an interesting person and the type of person I'd like to persue a relationship with. Is it weird to just private message her out of the blue? should our knowing eachother from school matter or should it be a entirely new thing?


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  • Being she 'Was a high school classmate,' no matter How long it's been, FB is the place to Make friends, Send Friend Requests And Accept them as well. And if she Is One of your friends already then Sure, by all means, go ahead and start "messaging' in the Chat box. What better way to get even catch up on old times and then, as your Beguine begins, you can go further by even going on Skype.
    That's what happened to my husband out in Egypt and myself 3 years ago. He found me on FB, fell in love with me, and we started a whirl wind romance, Then going to Skype and Yahoo. I ended up flying over to him, where a few months later, I returned, and it was in Cairo we tied the knot.
    Anything is possible, and I find that with FB, the best way to Start any Relationship is------Being friends.
    Good luck. xx


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  • I think it should be an entirely new thing. I mean you know each other from high school but you don't remember her that well. Being from the same school can be your Ice breaker and can lead the conversation elsewhere. But you should go for it!! :)


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  • Go for it. Old friends and classmates getting in touch was actually one of the early driving forces for FB. 10 years is nothing. I know tons of people in their 50s who used FB to get back in touch with people they haven't talked to in 30+ years. I even know of some old flames who got back together. Don't pass up your chance.