Is kissing always so... wet?

Had a first kiss with this guy I was dating, and all I remember about it was that it was very wet, and I wanted to spit and wipe my mouth. It was literally one kiss, not even a make out session or anything. Turns out I feel no romantic connection towards him, which I realized as soon as I kissed him. That could have something to do with this...
But is this usual, especially for a first kiss? Or was he just bad at it? If it's always like that, I imagine the idea of swapping saliva (even if only a little bit) is less gross when you're actually sexually and romantically attracted to the person, haha


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  • I mean its gonna be a little wet because its mouth to mouth hahaha. But i mean if it was juicy as fuck he might have just been bad.

    • Well yeah, I'd expect some moisture, haha
      I'm thinking that the fact that I feel absolutely zero attraction for this guy probably didn't help.

    • Hahaha always contributes to a bad kiss!


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  • Usually they are wet unless you live in Vegas but if it was in Vegas then it never really happened.


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  • A first kiss can make or break a relationship. I was spontaneously kissed twice by two guys I thought I liked but after that I realized I didn't. The kisses were awful too! Not only were they forced upon me, they literally suck my face. One of the boys use tongue like a snake flicks its tongue, the other one literally took my nose into his mouth.