How do I hook up with hotel guests?

i work as a receptionist at a 2 star hotel and many of the female guests are hot as hell. And many of them are quite friendly. Whenever i help them out with something they seem to get really happy when i take trouble and thank me more than enough even if it was just a small task. So i was wondering if there is a way to chat them up, ask them out or anything? since their already being friendly and flirting with me. Another issue is their foreign women and their English is bad and mostly understand broken English or showing signs. so i wanted to know if i could tackle that.


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  • Offer them "special" service when they ask what they can order. If they understand what you mean. yeah... go for it. But donĀ“t do it bluntly. Be smart.


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  • Tell the guest when you're off work and that you're free to hangout with them after work anytime.

    • if she thanks me too much with a little conversation and seems to be shy when asking me (as compared to other staff) for anything, is that enough for a signal to make a move?

    • yes I would think so

  • What makes you think they will want you

    • for 1 they get pretty happy to see me as compared to other staff and second they also seem to be talking a lot about me among themselves. they also try a bit too hard to get my attention by greeting me and all and well you know all the other signs girls show when their into a guy. and its not only the guest at my hotel but other women elsewhere as well.

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  • Im so glad you posted this i work at a nice hotel and so many hot women. We shouldn't waste this opportunity

  • Good way to get arrested or shot. Lol.