Girls why would u tell a guy to shush when he says your cute?

we were texting , I said your cute the way u text. she repied in text oh! shoosh


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  • She's probably blushing from getting a compliment from you, I say push it... its like saying "aw shucks"

    • I thought she was blushing? was going to ask her

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    • she's a strange woman ,, likes dark model , she told me her ex didn't like metal , which I do

    • Thats not intel to me, thats just a pointer. doesn't help me know this girl in any way. so she like metal... i got nothing from that.


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  • A lot of girls that are insecure have issues accepting compliments. I learned a while ago the insecure is not cute so even though I still have a hard time accepting compliments I now smile and say thanks. What made me realize this was a guy was straight forward and asked me why he couldn't compliment me and it was great. Maybe try flat out asking why she doesn't like compliments because you have a lot you'd like to compliment ;) see what that does


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  • I don't know, but are you friendzoned yet? Cause sounds like you already are.