What does it mean when he texts me drunk?

btw, he is super sweet and his texts are not bad or anything..just random stuff..


Most Helpful Girl

  • he probably wants to talk to you regularly but doesn't have enough courage until he's had a few drinks. you should try making the first move if you are interested, he's probably a bit shy in that department.

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What Guys Said 5

  • Means you are on his mind and if he is texting around his mates he may be doing it to show he has a girl he can talk to, sort of showing off to give himself an ego boost, not necessarily a bad thing.

    Personally I don't see why girls even care about some guy who rambles on drunk, but then I am biased being a non drinker myself.

    To each there own I suppose.

  • I believe when your drunk your usually acting on a subconscious level. So this pretty much means he likes you.

  • means he's thinking of you even while his brain works under 50%. should find it cute and adore it

  • Means he likes to text when he is drunk. Before texting was around, this is the same guy that would empty out his phone book and call random girls in it after the bar closed I bet...I've been there. Prob also means he is diggin your chili and interested in how you react to his drunk texts...any favorable response and he is yours. I think most guys really like when somebody shows them some love when they are drunk...

  • I always grow a set of "balls" when I drink and text a girl. My true feelings usually come out.


What Girls Said 8

  • i wouldn't care really if it was him drunk. if he can't say it to my face, I'll just ignore it. I just delete it...

  • I guess it depends what the texts say. If you connect with the subconscious level when you are drunk then wouldn't he be telling you what he thinks? If he texts you something random like: "I like to eat horses and I like to ride donuts" then it prob means nothing.

  • He is thinking about you. You are on his mind, and because alcohol makes less conscious, his subconsciousness dominates.

  • he doesn't mean anything, he probably doesn't even know what he's talking about.

  • He's thinking about you and if he text's you saying he's drunk, he might want to say things to you that he couldn't say to you usually. This time he would have an excuse if he says anything that's out of bounds.

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