Guys obsess over non-black women but shit on the black ones?

Since yesterday out of curiosity, I googled for the first time would guys date a black lady. I usually ended up in some forum from Bodybuilding. com and (they are all-around sexist anyway) they pretty much made jokes and making it seem like we're the epitome of hell - whilst if you searched something similar but replaced "black girls" with "asian girls", for example, guys treat them like a baby and give them the credit they deserve via looks (the posters were white men so it wasn't a huge surprise) and even WHY they like them.

Of course we have the excuses as to why a guy would't be into us:
- Overweight
- Attitude/ghetto/loud
- Promiscuous
- Less feminine
- Hair texture
- Background
- The "I-can't-make-decisions-of-my-own-so-I-care-what-my-friends-and-family-think" excuse
- "It's the features that I'm not attracted to" (as if we all look alike)

But lets be honest, anyone (let alone a woman) can have these attributes. And before you say "yeah but it's more common with black women", then how do you know that? Oh yeah because of some statistics you heard about online.

This isn't a guilt/troll/racist/please-like-us-black-girls-because-we-are-misunderstood post, let alone one that is jealous of whatever I'm supposed to be jealous of. I just want to know why guys always defend other women but when ONE person puts a non-black girl in a bad light, guys come to the rescue?

"Black women are ugly" - *Guys flock in and put their two cents in as to why they agree*

"White/asian/hispanic women are ugly" - *Guys defend them and talk about all of the wonderful princess attributes they have*

Like, what even comes to mind when you hear "black girl/woman"? Most men act like every non-black girl they've seen is a 10/10. I know there's guys out there that like us, but it seems like 1/1000000 actually do


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  • This is simply a case of you only paying attention to the negative. But I do somewhat agree, but for this reason. It's in our nature as people to prefer to stay within the culture we were brought up in, and if someone hasn't had exposure to different people and cultures, they will most likely stay within their comfort zone.

    Obviously this doesn't apply to everyone, but generally speaking. For example- I spent my childhood in a predominantly Latino neighborhood, and then in my early teen years (13-15) I moved to a predominantly white neighborhood. Then in my final years of high school, I was in a school which majority of the kids were either black, mixed, or Latino. I think this is the main reason why I am open to dating any and every race, and attracted to every race.


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  • Im black and my family is not ghetto so dont say we say YOU

    • And my family got good hair

    • Never made it where I said your family was ghetto. And no one cares about your hair

    • U mad cuz my hair better than yours

  • Not all guys think that way. I love black women.

  • black girls just aren't attractive mostly. there's a reason Oprah was talkin about 70% black women bein single and its cuz a lot of that stuff is true. i seen some 10/10 half white half black girls but the blacker the less hot in my opinion. maybe theyre hot in africa. but wen u live with mostly white people what u think people are going to liek?

    why dont u ask what Africans think? no. why dont you ask what Asians think? ask black people.

    honestly to me the hottest black girl is like an average white or latina woman.

    u kidding? people be callin me racist if i say anything bad about black women or men. even if its true. u think if a black girl talked shit about white guys like they do that anyone would be like you?

    • You dumb f*ck! Nationally,50% of people are single.71% of black men are single.70% of black women (16 and over, mind you) being single is no longer so remarkable when viewing it in its proper context.

  • I completely understand your frustration, I've met some very attractive and awesome black girls but they didn't like me so I just gave up lol. They aren't undesirable, many are really attractive.
    -from a white, ethnically Serbian/Spanish male living in the United States.

  • Why do I only hear this opinion from black women, not non-black men?

    • Because guys will just go on and on about why they like non-black girls.

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    • They say it all over the internet - People say to just get away from sites that contain this but it's almost everywhere that enable comments.-.

      Yet guys put EVERYTHING passed a non-black girl. Most guys say us black girls want non-black men for money but I see Asian women with white guys all the time using up their credit cards (I work at Macy's so I see it a lot) during check out.

    • If that's true I am so sorry. I love black women and find them beautiful. I would date one if I had the chance. Those things you said, I don't think them at all. If white guys are saying those things, it makes me embarrassed for my people. I just really sorry. People can be such heartless assholes sometimes.

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  • They need to diss other races to feel better about themselves. They may be insecure, low social status, broke , small peen or whatever but picking on black girls makes them feel higher. No one who is truly confident goes out of their way to talk about those they view as lesser. If we are so ugly why you worried about us? You don't hear black girls talk about non black guys unless we like them, which most of us don't anyway.

    • Yeah because I've seen forums where it's titled something along the line of "I just don't find black girls attractive". Like... ok? Even if they had a post "I don't think fat girls are cute". OK? I feel like people post this because they've had some bad experience and decides to retaliate by saying how they don't like us. Maybe a black lady at Walmart went "ghetto" on the guy, and now he says he doesn't like us?

      And most guys that do say they don't like us, it's not like if they did, we'd benefit because most likely we wouldn't consider them attractive

  • Lol online doesn't speak for everyone. Don't read that shit. White girls would love our luscious lips, big booties an tanned skin.

    • Yeah, just look at Kylie Jenner, haha.

    • Absolutely lol

    • Yeah but I'm starting to run into comments like these without even trying to look it up!
      Like one time, I was watching a YouTube video about Family Guy about a walrus flossing and this one guy commented, "That's how black girls look in real life" (Peter had on daisy duke shorts bending down to pick up a basket ball).

      I just guys could see through lies like that

  • I think the main thing is that there are tons of guys who worship black women, but from the sounds of it you haven't ran into them yet haha :)

    There's lots of men who think white women are the most blandest, boring bitches alive and would rather stay single forever then date a white chick haha.

    It's all a personal preference of the guy, even though ethnicity shouldn't even come into it lol.
    Don't feel like it's all men though, tons of guys love most races to be honest !

    It's so stupid to rule out a particular race lol. If it makes you feel better, a guy friend if mine once told me the reason he seeks out black women is because 'they're confident, have ass and juicy lips' lol !

    • I agree but that last paragraph is something I've seen through not only black, but also white and hispanic girls... So why can't these morons see that any girl can have the above negative attributes that I posted?

      And I'm not mad at any girl because I believe we're attractive in our own way but guys like to single us out all because things didn't go their way.-.