Missing the guy who ghosted me?

About 3 months ago this guy started talking to me. Soon we were texting eachother and he then asked me out on date. The day of our date I felt like I had fallen for him. He was really sweet to me. I felt like I had a connection with him even though it was our first time meeting eachother.. we then came back to my place and we spent some time talking, and then he kissed me. The kiss led to something else. He stayed with me until 2 am, when he left he told me he would text me when he got home. He did but I had fallen asleep. We would text eachother everyday. We saw eachother every two weeks because he lives an hour away and works 6 days a week full time. He acted the same way though, I didn't sense anything wrong. It was only when we weren't together that I noticed that he acted differently. He would take a while to text back but I thought it was probably due to work, church, gym etc. After our third date, he told me he would text me as soon as he got home. But just like the second date he didn't. I didn't say anything about it because I didn't want to seem needy. Well after the third date I texted him the next morning and he seemed distant, this time I wanted to ask him to go out to this show with me. He never answered. Didn't answer the next day or the next. So I sent him another text asking is everything okay? Nothing. Then the next day he posted on fb and it made mad because he still hadn't answered. I didn't confront him or anything. I deleted him from fb and never messaged him again. It's been almost 30 days since we've talked to eachother. We only dated for 2 months, I know that's not a lot but I liked him very much. I don't know why he disappeared. I don't know if he just never tried contacting me again cause he saw that I deleted him? I feel like I deserve some closure being that we slept together. But I don't know if i should ask him? I keep trying to remind myself that if he really cared and wanted to talk to me he would.. But it's hard:/


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  • I can 100% percent feel your pain, I've recently gone through a similar thing, except, i am one of her best friends as she has literally one other, she can confide in me, i listen, i care the whole shabang, but at some point those feelings fizzled out for her despite dating/relationship, and now she seems more distant, doesn't check my messages as often, as she usually has no credit from being unemployed currently so uses wifi, in the 3 months we are a thing, we wen't through literal hell together for her, deep conversations, helped her so much with depression, family everything, and now i feel more like a secondary thing to her at the moment it could be family issues again or she's down but i can't figure it out, she was dating another guy, but i don't know what's happening there, she says she cares for me and everything, i'm nice, sweet, caring, great personality, literally everything she wants and wants to settle down with, but she won't and it hurts that I've put all that love in and now i feel i won't ever see her little quirks, or see her beautiful smile, or i have many unanswered questions myself and it truly upsets me.

    i'd say try to forget him, i mean at least i kind of have answers for mine, but i'm the bigger guy i do want her as a friend if nothing else, but it's hard and besides there is plenty of ways he could of reached you.

    Good luck and be strong :)


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    I know it's tough since you really liked him but it's been time to move on. With work, the travel to see you and other things for some reason he didn't see it worth his time to continue being with you. Yes he should have been a man and handled it more amicably but he didn't. You did all you could. But caring is a two way street and your the only one doing it.

  • Doing the ghost after the amount of contact you had is pretty cowardly, as much as you miss him. Is that someone you really want in your life?

  • Maybe he was shallow or maybe he was afraid of commitment? Personally I've done that before but I'm not proud of it or anything. commitment is a scary thing to some and having to reply to someone all the time or make time for them is kinda overwhelming. Some guys/girls may think they're ready for it but then in the moment they realize they're not liking it one bit.

    You have the right to ask him but I doubt he'll be entirely honest. It's hard hurting someone either way you should.


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