Why do guy kiss their arm muscles?

Why do guy kiss their arm muscles? their is a guy who kisses his arm when he calls my name.


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  • It really is to show off. There is no reason to do it. They just like showing that they are big, and strong, and powerful. Etc.

    To evidence this further, while talking to a guy that you think is into you, notice his arms and hands. If his muscles are tense, and he is stiff, then he is flexing his arms to get you to notice his strength. Also watch his hands. Guys use hands subconsciously to draw attention to parts of their bodies. If he drapes his hands in his pockets, he is drawing attention to his penis as well, showing that off.

    Guys are show offs, muscle kissing is just one more way to make ourselves feel good.

    • You read my mind.

    • Lol ths is what I do, but I don't kiss my muscles. I do however, use my biceps to wipe the sweat of my forehead. Sometimes I will flex and stretch to get certain women's attention, but not all the time just sometimes.

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  • The only time myself or any other guy I know kisses his biceps is as a joke because the very idea of doing it to seriously attract "the ladies" is completely retarded.

  • LOL, does he name them as well, I call mine bruiser and crusher

  • Hectic, I didn't know people still do that, what kind of guys have you been hanging around with


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  • I love you for asking this question. (haha) because all the guys I know kiss their muscles and prefer me to feel the "rud" and how hot they are. I never asked because. I knew I wasn't gonna get an honest answer lol

    But, if I were to guess, I think its too impress the ladies.

  • Guys still do this? If a guy did that around me, I'd just assume he were trying to show off and acting cocky. Considering I don't like show offs or cocky boys, I'd be turned off. And also kind of questioning his intelligence. I mean come on, showing off muscles? Please, a girl has eyes and she can see that a boy has muscle even if he's not kissing them.