He only invites me to parties?

I've met a great guy on my campus. overall, he seems perfect. he saw me at practice one day and stopped to watch for a few minutes and he stops to talk to me between classes. we have the same sense of humor (hes told his friends that we do), he invites me out to parties and always stares at me while I'm talking.. even to other people. I can see him watching me while I talk to others and then sometimes he'll just look at me and smile. he comes to the bar to meet me he has yet to text me on a day that hasn't been a "party day" on this campus though. but we've only been talking and hanging out for a week. he doesn't ever just text me "hey what's up" during the day.

the first 3 times we hung out, we didn't hook up and he walked me back to my room every time. then we moved to the bedroom the 4th time and I told him I wasn't ready to have sex yet and he didn't argue with it. but I accidentally left my jewelry in his room after hooking up and he joking said it was an excuse for me to have to see him again. I said no no I didn't.. I'm serious haha!

so I texted him something funny Monday and he only responded once and then today I saw him between classes and he had my jewelry in his pocket to give to me and didn't seem overly excited to see me. I'm afraid that during the hookup I did something wrong and now he's not as interested. I asked him if he was free on Saturday and again all he did was invite me to a party.. its never just us 2.


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  • Well. What I'm thinking is, he doesn't really know that going to a party isn't your idea of a date. Maybe he seemed disinterested because of you... or maybe it wasn't. I'm in college and sometimes it gets stressful and sometimes people think that I'm being boring or uninterested, when it's just that I'm thinking of other things. Also, part of it could be that he may not know any other way to truly get your attention or get you out on a date. It may sound stupid, but it could be true. If you feel that he's starting to lose interest in you, do something to gain his interest back. Ask him out for coffee or lunch, get him a gift, tell him you want to hang out. Whatever you do, I think that you should keep your moral compass intact. You have a right to wait for sex. Remember that. You don't have to have sex just to keep his attention.


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  • I seriously doubt that you did anything wrong during "the hook up", but I wonder what he is exactly considering you both. You should sit him down and talk to him, figure out if you both are on the same level of feelings or what he considers you both. If you do want a relationship with him then I would be up front with how you feel about him, if he doesn't feel the same at least you'll know the truth and you won't feel like there are any games. Good luck. =]