How can I tell if my lesbian coworker is flirting with me vs being friendly?

I'm so attracted to her I get nervous before I see her. I feel like she flirts sometimes but I don't wanna mistake her friendliness for flirting. I've noticed the way she is with other girl staff members and she's different. Here are a few examples, please tell me what u think. (Also bare in mind I've never been with a girl, probably come across as straight/ POSSIBLY bi to her):
1) having laughing fits/joking around about so many things
2) looking at me a lot when talking to me
3) being sarcastic/teasing me
4) we were talking as she was half way out the door and she made a joke to annoy me and then stayed looking at me for like 3 seconds before walking off and smirking
5) we constantly make little gestures to each other to annoy the other
6) she says how much I make her laugh
7) always smiling at me

help if she doesn't like me I don't wanna flirt back but if she does I will flirt more. I have been lightly flirting because I know she's single but I'm just testing the water in case nothing comes of it

Please be honest and as helpful as possible


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think this is always a very difficult thing. Just keep doing what you are doing, keep up the light flirting but try to mimmick what she does, so if she gives you a 3 second look then try to do the same back. She might be thinking the same as you.

    You could be crafty and say something like 'if I didn't know you better I might think you were flirting'

    good luck


Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds like... friendly behavior.

    • So how would I know if she was flirting then


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What Guys Said 4

  • It looks like you're already flirting back a tad. ;)

  • That seems all pretty normal to me.

    • Normal in what sense?

    • I have interactions like that myself with people and there is nothing happening.

    • Oh okay

  • Go for it! I'm sure shell be open minded. The worst that can happen is she'll say she's in a relationship or something.


What Girls Said 2

  • This sounds more like being friendly :) I have a coworker who teases me and I tease her we laugh all the time and act stupid. But we are just being friendly with each other. You know she might want to be your friend. Please don't try to fall for her, unless you can ask about her boyfriend maybe she will tell you her boyfriend was actually a girlfriend. Just figure out more about her ;) Falling for someone and then know they never had feelings for you sucks big time! So please think of yourself

  • Then just Ask don't play games, tell her how you feel.