How can I tell if my lesbian coworker is flirting with me vs being friendly?

I'm so attracted to her I get nervous before I see her. I feel like she flirts sometimes but I don't wanna mistake her friendliness for flirting. I've noticed the way she is with other girl staff members and she's different. Here are a few examples, please tell me what u think. (Also bare in mind I've never been with a girl, probably come across as straight/ POSSIBLY bi to her):
1) having laughing fits/joking around about so many things
2) looking at me a lot when talking to me
3) being sarcastic/teasing me
4) we were talking as she was half way out the door and she made a joke to annoy me and then stayed looking at me for like 3 seconds before walking off and smirking
5) we constantly make little gestures to each other to annoy the other
6) she says how much I make her laugh
7) always smiling at me

help if she doesn't like me I don't wanna flirt back but if she does I will flirt more. I have been lightly flirting because I know she's single but I'm just testing the water in case nothing comes of it

Please be honest and as helpful as possible


Most Helpful Guy

  • I think this is always a very difficult thing. Just keep doing what you are doing, keep up the light flirting but try to mimmick what she does, so if she gives you a 3 second look then try to do the same back. She might be thinking the same as you.

    You could be crafty and say something like 'if I didn't know you better I might think you were flirting'

    good luck


Most Helpful Girl

  • That sounds like... friendly behavior.

    • So how would I know if she was flirting then

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  • It looks like you're already flirting back a tad. ;)

  • That seems all pretty normal to me.

    • Normal in what sense?

    • I have interactions like that myself with people and there is nothing happening.

    • Oh okay

  • Go for it! I'm sure shell be open minded. The worst that can happen is she'll say she's in a relationship or something.


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  • Then just Ask don't play games, tell her how you feel.