How do I flirt hard with this lesbian?

I wanna flirt with this girl. I’m not a lesbian but I’m bi. I’m currently with a guy and I’ve been dating him for a little over a year now. I know the girl from work. As time went on she started showing more of her free spirited side. I also know for a fact she’s gay because she introduced a butch girl as her date to our coworker a while ago.
We’re the same size and I usually go for bigger. I usually don’t like people who smoke either but she vapes and I think that’s super hot.

I’ll be 21 soon and she’s five years older which seems crazy lol but It’s not really an issue.
My boyfriend is ok with me messing around with girls. He finds it hot but I haven’t done it yet.

Once I was alone with the girl and I told her I’ve never been on garbage duty before and she was like “girl it’s because you’re cute” . I also helped her out putting some inventory away because I was bored. Then later my shift I had to stand on a ladder to get something and she said she would help me. It was kind of stupid because she helped by holding the ladder while I was on it.
We were talking while I was on the ladder and from where she was standing maybe she just wanted to check me out lol because I was basically standing above her.
She told me not to fall and even though we were the same size she could catch me. I was smiling and told her I didn’t think she could pick me up and she said she bet she could. She also told me she has muscles.

Last week she was doing something next to me on the computer and she wouldn’t look me in the eye and was grinning and was like “You got me off track Bailey” ( baileys my name ) I turned to her smiling and asked her what I did and she was grinning and wouldn’t make eye contact and was like “I can’t login”. It’s weird sometimes we do that stuff and other times we don’t really talk during our shifts. We make eye contact sometimes though. Is this flirting? How do I intensely flirt with her?
How do I flirt hard with this lesbian?
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