After not talking he says he misses my body? Really?

I haven't spoken to my guy properly for a week.
He went back to uni and was having some personal issues so i decided to give him some space for a while.
Got a message from him just now saying:

"Just wanted to text you and say I've extremely missed your 10/10 rig xx"

Seriously? Just my rig? what about my fabulous company and wonderful personality?

What am i supposed to say to this?


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  • leave him behind


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  • is he ur boyfriend? or just someone you have sex with?

    • Boyfriend

    • so u feel slighted because he doesn't miss *u* but misses ur body. do u miss him? tell him tht


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  • Seems like he just has sexual things on his mind then. He might have felt very in the mood or something when he said that. I wouldn't be too angry at him about it. Just keep giving him space.

  • Abort mission. I've been with a guy like that and he always said things like I miss your boobs etc, and in the end he only wanted the physical side of things, so after a 4 year relationship I was left feeling like I wasted my time hoping for something more. Looking back now, all the times he sad stuff about my looks make sense.