Is it appropriate to ask male coworker to go hiking with me?

So.. a little background. I'm a 25 year old female. The coworker is a 30 year old guy. I had been messaging this coworker before and when hiking came up in the conversation he suggested we could go hiking together. I said no because I have a boyfriend. He said he meant go as friends only but I feel like this person likes me. Anyway, im thinking about going hiking this week for maybe 2 hours. My boyfriend does not do outdoor things so I know he will not go with me. I was thinking about asking this coworker if he is still interested, because it would be nice to have a companion since I always go by myself. I have also come across creeps on this trail before. Do you think inviting my coworker would be appropriate even though I have a boyfriend?


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  • Don't do it. Think about it. You think he likes you. He probably does. If you go out alone on an activity with a guy who likes you - HE's going to think it's a date, no matter what he's saying to you. "As friends" is nonsense if he has feelings. Your boyfriend will probably not be ok with this.

    If there's creeps, get some girlfriends and go as a group. Or tell your boyfriend you really want to go and tell him about the creeps. He needs to get off his ass and take you hiking.

    • Hmm.. thanks. It's good to have a guys opinion.

  • No that should not be allowed, you could end up having sex with that other guy or kissing the other guy, does your boyfriend know that you will be joking with another guy


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  • It's fine but u should have 2+ others tag along, too.