How to schedule a "date"?

Okay this is SUUUCH a stupid question. But I've never been on a date (mostly from lack of chance, I didn't get out much before I started working so there have never really been any boys TOO date.) And well, so there is this guy I work with, he's pretty shy. In fact there are people that despite his being here for a few years, they have NEVER even heard him talk.
Me though, I'm apparently more bubbly and friendly. I talk to flipping everyone. And I'm always one of the first to greet the new people. So it REALLY surprised me when this dude told me he had to talk to me, and then when we finally got a moment he asked me out on a date. He then sent me his number via facebook, but he knew I was busy with work so didn't really text me.
But now I'm not sure what to do. I don't want to be too eager, but I also don't want him to think I'm not interested by not initiating the "so when should we go out?" Talk. So should I just like, wait for HIM to bring it up? Or what's a way I could bring it up without sounding overly excited and needy? HELP?


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  • Most girls will wait for him. He's already asked you out therefore he's the one in control of this. I'm sure he's not being too shy to arrange it given he's already asked you out.

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      Okay, that's a good plan

  • Look in your calendar. See when you have time available. Set a date, time, place. Meet at that time. Don't be late. Dress nice.

  • He has already brought it up, so it's your turn. Have a discussion about setting up the date. You may initiate. Actually he already initiated, now you can reply. Don't get too long to reply... Good luck :)


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  • He asked you out on a date.
    He probably is waiting for you to confirm it.
    I'm dating a shy guy.. he's not so socially awkward like your guy sounds like though but seriously..
    Very beginning he asked me if I want to go out on this certain day, and I couldn't bc I already had a plan..
    Since that he had not reached out to me at all until I asked him out the following week.
    And ever since I initiated our dates.
    Last time he got courage to asked me if I was free on Wednesday, I said yes, but he wouldn't freaking take it further. So I had to ask him if he wants to hang out on Wednesday.
    He texted me the other day saying we should go out to dinner later this week but he hasn't planned the date yet. And I'm pretty sure I'm going to be asking him out again lol
    When you date a shy guy this is what you go through..
    I know my guy likes me but still it is a constant aggravation..
    I don't know how much shy your guy is mine has no problem engaging conversation with people/strangers and very affectionate a passionate lover when we private. It just seems that he's having a very difficult time asking me out first.
    Your guy could be the same. And if he was, it would have been extremely difficult and taken him a lot to finally ask you out.
    So give him that and simply ask him out with specific date and time