Ladies, what would you want an ex to say to you if he was looking to visit you and maybe hookup/get back together?

So, I am recently single after a 2 year relationship. During that time there are a few girls that I could not get out of my head from my past. Two in particular that didn’t end badly in anyway, but just wasn’t the right time type of thing.

Anyway I still chat with one of them, and it is always very flirty and playful. I think she is currently single but in a different city that is close to me (driveable). I want to visit but I also want it to be known what I am looking for. We don’t have to be together, although I would like that, but I would at least like to hookup/cuddle/makeout/have fun together.

What do I say to her, or how would you want an ex that you still have feelings for to approach you about this? Do I go for the straightforward approach, and just plan a trip and keep it casual, see where it goes? Also, any tips on what I should say would help out greatly.


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  • my ex just sent me a text.." hey V. how have you been? I was going up to Delaware tonight to put my bets in and get a drink. did you want to come? I'll take you home in the morning." my response..."sure, what time" rofl!!

  • Hey, so me and X broke up and I'm kinda bored of the scene in my town. Want to show me around yours this weekend? xx

    Don't know if it will work but you're inviting yourself and letting her know you're single.


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