How do you tell your boyfriend to trim his nose hairs?

Lol me and this guy are dating and I kinda can't tell him to trim his nose hairs and its all I look at...and I kinda can't kiss him because of it HELP


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  • Tell him to do it. What's the worse that can happen? He won't break up with you unless you guys aren't getting along already. Offer to do it for him as a bonus.


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  • Just tell him. Keep it light and don't act grossed out, but calmly let him know you would like him to trim them. It's one of those first lessons guys need in manscaping.

    • Lol thanks<3

    • Face it, guys usually don't have someone to teach them good grooming ideas. Definitely not something they chat about with their friends and a lot of dads are not good about discussing it either. I have an ex-boyfriend who learned how to wax his brows from a former girlfriend. If he did not manscape his brows, well they would be super crazy bushy and a unibrow.