What is it about neck kisses ?

I see it over and over again, girls saying that neck kisses make them melt in an instant, or make them want to jump the guy's bones.

Do you think that's true ?

and if so, Why or why not do you think its true ? (or not)

Also, what do you think of kisses BEHIND your neck ? like right below your hairline at the back of your head?


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  • ok so I have to admit I got excited when I saw this question. The kiss behind your neck, the one right below the hairline. Well that's my sweet spot ...its a spot that guys dnt think to kiss very often so its tender. sensitive. arousing. I dnt mean to get in to ooouy deatil but, lets just say when my guy kisses me there...i got to have him..goose bumps come on and I get W** down there..so anyway yea its something I have to say is sensual and... I dnt know, I guess it sparks a intiment like connection along with other things..

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      Lol I'm the same guy that asked the forehead kiss question ! xD your so perfect! haha, wish I meet someone like you!

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      No way! LOL that's funny...haha...guess I'm drawn to your questions lol....its a sign! haha...especially because your asking anonymously lol