What is it about neck kisses ?

I see it over and over again, girls saying that neck kisses make them melt in an instant, or make them want to jump the guy's bones.

Do you think that's true ?

and if so, Why or why not do you think its true ? (or not)

Also, what do you think of kisses BEHIND your neck ? like right below your hairline at the back of your head?


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  • ok so I have to admit I got excited when I saw this question. The kiss behind your neck, the one right below the hairline. Well that's my sweet spot ...its a spot that guys dnt think to kiss very often so its tender. sensitive. arousing. I dnt mean to get in to ooouy deatil but, lets just say when my guy kisses me there...i got to have him..goose bumps come on and I get W** down there..so anyway yea its something I have to say is sensual and... I dnt know, I guess it sparks a intiment like connection along with other things..

    • Lol I'm the same guy that asked the forehead kiss question ! xD your so perfect! haha, wish I meet someone like you!

    • No way! LOL that's funny...haha...guess I'm drawn to your questions lol....its a sign! haha...especially because your asking anonymously lol

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What Girls Said 34

  • First it is very sensual and also because at times it tickles

  • yup that's my spot I don't know why but it just feels really good. I get goosebumps and my legs get weak lol. But I really have to like that guy for me to react like that. I love to be bitten there too-like nibbles here and there and the feeling of his tongue tracing my neck lol damn smh...

    • Whats smh mean ? just wondering sry

    • Shaking my head....lol...

  • YES! I do like neck kisses and I tell my boyfriend that and he kind of just smiles and says whatever. Behind the neck doesn't do anything for me but I like neck kisses in general.

  • Because it feels good and turns us on.

  • It's one of the erogenous zones. By definition, it's a sensitive area that can produce sexual arousal when stimulated.

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  • It makes them horny. One of my friends told me, she basically goes crazy if someone kisses her there. xD She pointed to the front of her neck - not directly under her chin, but a little to the side. I guess that must be some special spot?

  • Yep they love it, I always do it if I want a girl to kiss me on the lips... Basically if I think she's into me I'd kiss her on the forehead, the cheek or on the neck, After that she does the rest. Which I do enjoy. A lot also often enjoying being bitten on the neck, not very badly of course. But it seems to drive a lot of girls crazy. Build up to that though.

  • wow, I never knew all this about neck kisses... nice question man- never knew why girls liked to be kissed there so much but now I do :)

  • IT's never failed for me... Gotta have a good technique for the neck kisses and girls pretty much go nuts.

  • Helps if you breathe on their neck too

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