Why Do Asian Women (Pakistani, Afghan etc) Rarely Date Black Men?

The rarest interracial parings tend to be South Asian women with Black men.

What is it about black men that you Pakistani/Afghan/Iranians find so difficult to be attracted to. In fact, you guys seem to date inter-racially the least. WHY?

Is there an added stigma to being with black men that we don't know about?

This isn't simply in relation to the ones who are born and raised there. I'm also referring to the ones that are born in western countries and are exposed to enough black people.

What is it about black guys that is so unattractive or taboo in those cultures. Is it just blatant racism?


Most Helpful Girl

  • firstly, matchmaking is pretty common among the south Asian or middle eastern people. which is probably why they rarely date interracially.

    also, it seems like they tend to marry/date within their own race when they're in the US/europe. but here in singapore, a lot of them do marry/date outside their race with the malays, chinese, africans, whites, peranakans, etc.

    maybe the reason why they don't marry/date outside their race in the west because western people (whether you're white or black) have a different culture and different values. over here, we all have pretty much the same kinds of values & culture that it's probably easier for them to accept people of other races HERE than in a western society.

    just taking a stab at your question, but I may be wrong.