If a guy doesn't say hi to you anymore?

This guy was flirty with me for a few weeks during the summer, but he never asked me out even though I gave him hints that I was free and single and that we should do something together.

Then I didn't hear from him for like 2 weeks after school ended, and I saw him on campus today and he was walking past me. Looked at me, then just looked away and kept walking (wtf>?).

Why was he so flirty and friendly during the summer and then now he doesn't even say hi to me..


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  • Hate to say it, but maybe he's over you already./ not interested.

    If that was me I'd still say Hi or a nod of my head (greeting) even if I lost interest.

    To me it wouldn't feel right to snob someone I know.

    Maybe you should've been the one to ask him out. If he was the one being flirty with you. Did you reciprocate in any form. Either that or your hints were too subtly/ not as obvious.

    Might be a summer mood / now fall semseter he feels different.

    • Yea we flirted back and forth..I hinted that we should spend time together outside of class and he agreed. But he never made any plans or called or texted me, and yet he kept flirting with me and touching me on my legs and neck, etc.

      Eventually summer term ended and he just never contacted me again, and then 2 weeks later this happens...I don't understand why

    • Did you notice if the guy was only flirting with you or did he do the same with other girls. That's something to look at as well.


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  • Its called a summer fling, he liked you probably wanted one thing, then he either found someone else or couldn't pick on how you felt moved on and now your dead to him... sounds like a a**hole tbh

  • Yeah, actually you can say hi to him, wtf why didn't you say hi to a guy you wanted to go out with?

    He probably likes you but is unsure about starting something with you. I'm in a similar situation, I was kinda too flirty with a girl and I know that I'm not gonna be good for her so it's best if I keep my distance rather than lead her on.

    • I smiled at him.. but I was with a group of girls in my dance team getting ready for an event, getting instructions for the night from one of our coaches.. he didn't smile back or even acknowledge me. Like he didn't even know who I was

    • I'm sorry to say I've done stuff like that too, it's nothing personal, I don't know why people think you have to acknowledge someone you know EVERY single time they're in the vicinity, though if you like him I can see how that might hurt your feelings. I remember I was at McDonald's one time in line and this girl I had known since 5th grade was in front of me, I guess she liked me and saw me behind her in line and said "don't act like you don't know me" so I don't know girls get offended

  • Do you ever try and say hi to him? Goes both ways too.

    • I saw him walking but I was in a group (dance team) and we were getting some rehearsal instructions for the night, I looked at him and gave him a smile but he just looked right at me, looked away with no emotion and kept on walking. Like he didn't even know me even though we were so comfortable together during the summer and clicked.

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  • Ah this happened to me too recently and I decided to move on cause most probably he did too. If he doesn't have the decency to even say something like that he's obviously a jerk or really shy, but either way move on :)

    • Let me start by saying Hi, I know you girls are really sensitive about this stuff lol, there's no reason to move on he might be shy or just didn't want to interrupt

    • You don't get it, he looked at me, I looked at him. I smiled at him, least he could have done was smile, nod, anything really. But he looked me in the eyes, blank expression on his face, then just looked back in front of him and kept walking. After four or five weeks of flirting and getting close to him it kinda hurts to just see the same guy I wanted to go out with treating me like a complete stranger..

  • means he's a jackass