I want him to ask me to semi formal?

so I sit next to my crush in English class. We talk everyday and we always make each other laugh. I feel like he flirts a lot but I'm not sure if he is just being friendly or if he likes me. Anyway we were recently paired to work together on a project so I get to see him a lot more. I want to get to know him more so that he would consider asking me to my school's semi formal in about a month and a half. Do you think I have enough time for him to ask me? And if so what are some ways that I could work semi formal into conversation so that he will realize that I want to go with him. If you have any suggestions I'd love to hear them thanks :)


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  • The two majorly obvious hints that he should pick up on are:

    1) Pay a lot of attention to him and try to spend a fair amount of time with him

    2) Mention semi-formal and ask who he's going with.

    It's cliche but it's really a very easily way to drop the obvious though seemingly innocent enough that it could be asked whether you were interested in him or not.


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  • Enough time? hell yes.

    xD. I don't think anybody can predict that. it totally depends on what kind of person you are and what kind of person he is. You just somehow have to work it in. An idea would be playing the radio- and just spontaneously say- I love this song- I wish they would play it at the formal- then make him dance lol.

  • Life's short, go nuts, ask him to the dance.

    Here's a tip, ask him if he knows what the dance theme is (to bring up the topic), after he replies, ask him, "are you gonna go to semi-formal?" Then after he replies, suck up some air and ask him to the dance. =)

  • He could be shy so you may have to bring up the semi formal. Best to ask him who he is going with and most likely he'll say "you."

  • get off your lazy ass and ask him instead

    • Well I tried this last year with a different guy and it turned into a very awkward mess, so sue me if I don't want to try that again. It's not that I'm afraid to ask guys out it's just that it's never really worked for me

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    • i wouldn't consider it lazy. I'm just being cautious, but it's fine we can agree to disagree

    • ok... if we all be "cautious" then nothing would ever happen. which is why you are here now. you'd rather wait 4 everything to come to you, rather than take the only advice that's guaranteed to work which is "get off your ass and stop expecting the guys to do everything"

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