Texting me when he has a girlfriend. Why is he doing this?

I was dating this guy for a few months, he told me he is interested in a serious relationship with me, so we started sleeping with each other about two months in (we are both late 20s). Slowly I started to find out that he is also seeing other girls as well. I told him I am not comfortable with that so unless he's exclusive with me, I'm moving on. So he promised me that he will be exclusive with me. I saw him out with girls still, but he told me they are just friends. He kept telling me he doesn't want to rush things, so I believed him.

Everything was great until he texted me that we can't go on like this anymore, he has a girl friend now. We just spent the previous night together, I was hurt. I told him I wish them both happiness and thanks for showing me who you really are. Then few days later, he texted me 'hi how are you'

I don't get it, he dumped me, moved on the next day, showed off to me on FB about his new girlfriend, and now he texts me again? What should I do? I don't know why he is doing this, trying to be friends cause he made a mistake or just being a pure ahole?

thank you for your time


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  • He sounds like a liar. Liars lie and you can't make any rational conclusions about their behavior. He's a straight up crazy, selfish liar. He probably likes to keep a line of girls on a string to make his sh*tty self esteem issues feel a little more distant. Steer clear of this jerkoff.

    • You are right, I need to stop questioning "why" cause its driving me crazy...He does have a lotttttt of female friends on FB and he brags about how they all want him. In a way I am glad I'm out of the game, it would be terrible to be his girl friend. Thank you for your answer!


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  • He's not right upstairs. I mean what he did was cold and wrong and now he's rubbing it in. Tell the guy to get lost.

    • He also texted me that he did nothing wrong, so yea good call lol he is not right upstairs... thanks for your answer

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  • do not mind him! if you reply again, he won't have respect for you!

    He's just using you, when there is no other girls available, so JUST DON'T MIND HIM!

    • thank you :) I will respect myself by not replying to him.

  • Chalk it up to experience fun while it lasted and move on, do not degrade yourself by entertaining him. men like that are always going to be like that cheats...