Why does my EX still text me when he has a girlfriend?

My boyfriend and I broke up about 4 or 5 months ago because he held hands with another girl and wanted a break to "figure things out". I got mad at him and broke it off, a few times he tried to talk me back into getting back together, sometimes crying, saying he couldn't function without me. I gave in a few times but after 2 weeks ended it because if he really loved me he wouldn't have. Then I wanted to get back together and he didn't want to saying it was not his problem I to fix, I had been a "bitch" and he no longer loved me. So I let it go but he still texts me a few times each week, sometimes flirty, sometimes not, and I do still like him but am moving on. We did hook up a few times after the break up but I would always get mad at him for just wanting to "be friends" but also do stuff. He would always get mad at me for trying to "ruin the friendship". We sometimes would not talk for a few weeks but he always ends up texting me. We talk and sometimes flirt but he never mentions getting back together.

I thought I was over him until this weekend when my friend told me he is dating this other girl and has been for almost a month. Then I asked him about it and he said he didn't want it to come up. I asked him why he still talked to me and he said it was because he "liked talking to me". He also said he wants to hang out again because we were "too close" to just stop. I don't understand why he still talks to me and flirts with me when he has a girlfriend.Also I don't know if I should be his friend or stop talking to him.


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  • seriously you have moved on right? and so has he. Therefore he's just trying to get a rise out of you. understand that this guy doesn't seem to have much order or organization in his relationship decisions. he calls you a bitch and he says he no longer loves you and then suddenly wants to be friends with benefits. He sounds seriously indecisive and perhaps manipulative. He can't have the cake and eat it too. He's got a girlfriend and he isn't respecting her by texting you and whether or not you want to be friends with him, is really up to you. No one can tell you what to do.

    I have my own rules like everyone else. I do not talk to ex boyfriends because it makes life more simpler. If they were to be serious with me and obviously work to be with me, then I might pay attention but to me once the door is closed, it's closed.

    If you do choose to be friends with this guy, I would feel that I would have to go on with my life and not really reply to his texts. maybe occasionally reply because obviously he's with this other girl. I don't know you personally, but depending on the seriousness of the relationship and my level of feelings for the guy, I might prefer some distance before moving into friendship zone or not.

    • Don't you think 4 or 5 months seems like enough time to move on though? and if I tell him I don't want to talk he will know I still like him. Then he knows he has some "power" over me and I don't want that.

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  • He's a jerk-off and you should be glad to be rid of him. He wants you back and that's glaringly obvious. He seems like a tool and it seems like you guys are better off not knowing each other.

    • If he still likes me then why did he not want me back?

    • He's an asshole. He obviously wants something from you. Just because he says he doesn't want you back, doesn't mean he doesn't.

  • I believe if you both get along to be friend then keep being friends in life. I mean who knows maybe and I mean maybe one day again you guys might reunite again. But if he continues to act like a little kid then I don't know, he acts pretty immature. Its like he wants you and he can have you, but then he changes his mind and forgets you almost on purpose. Hmmmm pretty confusing but don't let it get to you too much. Only time will tell, because only time can tell, good luck ms, and take care there.


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  • i have nearly the same problem...

    how did the story between you and your ex go on?


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