Kiss on the lips? What does it mean to a girl?

A girl that I like was with her girl friends at a nightclub. As her two friends were leaving, she gave one of her friends a peck on the lips. So I ask can I get a kiss on the lips. She gave me a peck on the lips. Does it mean anything? Would you kiss a guy on the lips if you it was a friend?


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  • a kiss on the lips isn't much , but you don't peck a guy on the lips unless; you like him, are drunk, or its a dare.


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  • a peck on the lips doesn't mean anything with most girls. if that was her best friend, it was most likely just a friendly gesture toward her friend. if she would have done something else, she may have meant more. but as a girl, I have kissed a girl before and all it meant was that I love my best friend :)

    • so it was just a friendly gesture towards me when she did it to me?

  • if its just a peck, then she just did it as a friendly thing.

    did she say anything to you after it?


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  • A sore in the morning?

    • nope

    • Waitasec, she pecked instead of kissed? Unacceptable.

    • Yes she did peck on the lips.