My girlfriend isn't 19, she's 17!?

Yeah so I met an amazing girl last month at a store. I got her email address and number and even added her on Facebook. She told me she was 19 but she's actually 17, I saw her drivers license. Even her Facebook says she's 19 so I was really shocked to find out she lied to me. I got really mad at her and scolded her pretty badly. And I feel really guilty because I made her cry, she kept saying she loved me but I was seeing red and feel awful about it. I'm going to apologize for treating her that way because I really liked her before I discovered she was underage. I could sure use some advice from you guys, should I stay friends with her or give her a chance? I'm 23 by the way, and she keeps blowing up my phone and Facebook so I need an unbiased point if view.


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  • That's a tough situation. .-. And like Samhradh said, that is a pretty big age gap for your stage in life.

    She should be starting college soon, and you're the age someone who just received a bachelor degree and would be starting their life.

    I personally don't think it sounds like a great idea to be together, but you know her best and know if your relationship has a possibility of working out.

    And then there is the legality issue as well.

    I do think you should apologize though, even though you have a right to be upset that she lied to you. I hope she apologized too. :I

    Just be careful with her, if she lied about her age, and you only have known her for a month, she has the potential to lie more.


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  • It's a pretty big age gap- for your stages in life, at least. Keep in mind that you only met her a month ago, and there's already been major drama and proclamations of love. Whether or not you can make it work depends on a lot of factors. It's possible, and if you want to try, go ahead. But you need to take things slower and be more careful this time. It's a good idea to apologize for scolding her so harshly, but she also needs to apologize for lying, and let you know why she did it. I can't imagine any sensible excuse, and it may be a sign of immaturity, which will only make the age gap seem even more extreme. Think carefully.

    • There's also the legal issue- depending on where you live, it is very likely illegal for you two to have sex. In some cases that light not be much of a concern, but the gap is large enough- and he relationship already complex enough- that I don't recommend risking it.

  • If you can deal with not having sex for a while, I'd say give her chance. As others have said she's at a totally different stage of her life than you are, so it may not work out (do you know if she'll move away for college btw?) but it's worth trying.

  • You've only know her for a month I say let it go or wait til she's 18..good relationships shouldn't be built on a lie


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