My girlfriend isn't 19, she's 17!?

Yeah so I met an amazing girl last month at a store. I got her email address and number and even added her on Facebook. She told me she was 19 but she's actually 17, I saw her drivers license. Even her Facebook says she's 19 so I was really shocked to find out she lied to me. I got really mad at her and scolded her pretty badly. And I feel really guilty because I made her cry, she kept saying she loved me but I was seeing red and feel awful about it. I'm going to apologize for treating her that way because I really liked her before I discovered she was underage. I could sure use some advice from you guys, should I stay friends with her or give her a chance? I'm 23 by the way, and she keeps blowing up my phone and Facebook so I need an unbiased point if view.
My girlfriend isn't 19, she's 17!?
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