Should I just stop texting him? Will somebody please help me understand this Taurus man??

someone please give me an insight to what these guys are like. we met and have been texting for 2 months in that time there have been a few hiccups where its almost like he's testing me or doing things to try and catch me out. I've told him I like him a lot and that I'm not some dodgy person but just when I think he's coming round then he gets all funny again sometimes when we text his replies are flirty and sweet but then goes straight back to him being weird with me again. he goes on all the time about there is no guy like him he's loyal and honest. he hasn't once tried to sleep with me so its not a sex thing. we met on an online dating site, I really just don't get him should I just stop texting him?


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  • Yeah... Definitely the sensitive type! Maybe try pulling back a little. Its risky, but he may just come begging back because he believes youve stopped trying. If that happens, then is the time to talk through everything together. However if you pull back he may completely give up. Be sure you can handle this type of guy if you pursue a relationship :)

    • thankyou I'm not going to text him again e knows how I feel so I leave it down to him, I do get the vibe he's very stubon so I may not even here from him but I can reduce myself to chase I guess so best to leave it

    • I think that's the best answer right now, if you made it clear how you feel, it's all in his hands yeap :). Best of luck!

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  • Here's the problem

    You were texting for two months

    No progression. You can't do that. You need to make plans and meet up asap, start spending time together regularly.

    • sorry I forgot to say we did meet up during the texting time so I did see him aswell as text

  • why would you text for 2 months - for nothing?

    it's just beyond my comprehension.


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  • It sounds like he has trust issues and/or is the sensitive type. It sounds like you need to be straight and honest with him and tell him that what he does makes you feel weird. By the sounds of it, he will appreciate honesty :)

    • thankyou, I tried being honest but now he's saying its to late etc, I get the feeling he enjoys my trying but there's just no way of getting this guy to give me a chance : /