I have no idea what she wants, how should I approach this?

We haven't met, been getting to know each other the past 3 months, flirting with each other over text and phone, etc.

However, she seemed off last week, conversation went:

me - Wouldn't mind getting to know you more :-) x

her - What do you want to know x

me - Wondering when you are free at the weekend for me to call you? x

her - Got a pretty busy weekend to be fair like I don't know if I'll have time! x

me - It's alright I get the hint, I guess that offer of taking you out will have to go to somebody else x

her - I just feel a bit weird about talking to someone on the phone and stuff that I've never met or seen, sorry if you think that is weird x

me - was suggesting we could meet soon, but if that's what you really want... x

her - Meeting a randomer though.. It's like, I dunno. x

me - if it's because you like someone else then do that, at least you'll be happier. I'm alright meeting up but if you aren't then I can't force it.. You seem to have your mind made up x

her - No its not that. But I have a very over protective best friend who seems to think you're going to kidnap me and keep me in your basement x

me - Haha, sense of humour too! I wouldn't risk my future like that for the sake of a girl, but if its something you're not comfortable with, not much I can do.. I'd want you to be safe x

her - And I do want to see ya but want to make my friend happy and prove it's legit first x

I don't reply until early afternoon the next day..

me - I'd only consider meeting you if it was a public place and you brought a mate along x

Then she doesn't reply.

Late that night I decide to unfollow some people on Twitter on my phone and unfollow her without realising I had done, she sends me a text about it (somehow ignoring my earlier one). She also somehow realizes I unfollowed her so she could have been on my profile?

her - Unfollowing me, mature

me - was unfollowing some people on my phone, must have clicked yours accidentally x"

her - I doubt that very much

me - It wasn't intentional

her - I'ma bust yo assss

me - You wish

her - Stop being grumpy with me or I'll have to..

me - ... 'accidentally' unfollow me!

her - We going to keep arguing then yeah?

me - Unless you have it in your heart to forgive me

her - Sarcastic

me - Shouldn't you be in bed?

her - I'm older than you, so if I should be in bed you should definitely be asleep

me - Not thinking of grassing me up are you?

her - I won't tell if you don't

me - Be our little secret

Happened until 2am (my last reply was 9am as I fell asleep)

So, I have no idea what she wants or if she is making excuses to not meet up or is scared to, but I decided to back off and not act as interested, or at least not give as much attention. Not sure what to do now.. I feel like leaving it a week to see if she decides to make contact, or send her a text teasing her about the twitter thing? Why does she tell me she finds it weird talking to someone she hasn't met, yet reacts playfully towards the end?
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There's definitely a few things I could have avoided saying by the way, although I was confused myself
I have no idea what she wants, how should I approach this?
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